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புதன், 9 ஆகஸ்ட், 2017

Craze of Oviya

I didn't watch big boss Tamil episode from the day number 1. But, at one point of time I was forced to watch Big Boss Tamil. At least few small videos and episodes. It's all because of one person. It is Actress Oviya. Situation around me, forced me to watch these video and episodes. Because,
In my team Oviya, Opposite Team oviya, Corridor Oviya, Cafeteria Oviya, Cab Oviya, Facebook Oviya, Twitter Oviya. Wherever I go, people speaking about Oviya. So, I decided to watch big boss and felt she deserved to be discussed and respected. Beyond as actress, her attitude was beautiful. She may be acting, but she is teaching some beautiful lesson to people.

And yes, people of Tamil Nadu are the most respect and elite people in the country. People of this state believe in Women rights. People of this soil believe and follow things beyond usual rights. People of this soil strongly believe on two things, “Suya mariyathai” and “Pagutharivu”. People of Tamil Nadu doesn't believe and accept things blindly without any reason. This is applicable to the support for Oviya.
She may or may not be acting, but she deserves the respect and love of the people. And I am Proud that, my people is standing behind and supporting a girl who strongly believe on the two things Tamil community believe(Suya mariyathai and Pagutharivu)
Note: Many in my friend list are like Julie and Gayathiri. But they support and portray as Oviya makes me angry and feel funny.
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