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வியாழன், 16 நவம்பர், 2017

What motivates me?

Constructive Criticism always motivates me and make me to move forward in my life. And I strongly believe that, One cannot grow and go places without accepting the constructive criticism. And one should have a positive attitude towards criticism, so that it will push you up. Rather than pushing you down. Let me share my experience.
I used the popular anonymous feedback app Saraha to know the feedback from my friends. Few seriously shared their feedback and of course, few abused me. Since the application is anonymous, few were able to convey what they think about me and my work. Below is the collage of few feedback, which I revived from my friends.
As I said, few have sent some abusive feedback to me. But I didn’t take those feedback to my mind. I took only genuine and positive criticism. One should be very careful in accepting the criticism. As all the criticism will not motivate us.
And , I always try to do something big and good. So that it will motivate my haters to hate me more.
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