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செவ்வாய், 19 பிப்ரவரி, 2019

Why TN Hates BJP? - II

Destroying Regional Parties !

Both Congress and BJP have the habit of destroying or suppressing the Regional Parties. Among the two devils, BJP is the worst one. Their plan for the Regional parties is very simple. First they will try to form alliance with the regional party. Next, they will dump that regional party. Then later they will become the dominant party. The best example for that would be Punjab and Mahrashtra. In Mahrashtra, SivaSena is the regional party upon which BJP travelled. Now, BJP is the ruling party in the state. BJP literally dumped SivaSena and become Dominant force in MH. Since ShivSena has the guts to fight, they have resisted BJP and on track. But BJP will fight hard to remove ShivaSena from MH in the days to come, if they win 2019 Parliament election.

Moreover, If they couldn't become the ruling party, they will kill their friend and become the dominant party in the state. In Punjab, BJP formed alliance with Shironmani Akali Dal. They couldn't win the election. But they destroyed Akali Dal and become Dominant party. So now, it will be very simple.

The same formula is being applied in Tamil Nadu. BJP know that, they will not get deposit in the state. But they want to destroy the regional parties and become the dominant party in the state. As this is their long term vision, they are okay with 5 seats in Tamil Nadu. BJP will now destroy ADMK, PMK, DMDK in the state and set themselves in the state. ADMK, PMK and DMDMK will be vanished by the people and literally they will be fucked by BJP in the days to come. BTW, BJP has fucked ADMK to the core and formed this alliance is the harsh truth. They will wipe them in the days to come. Parties with back bone will resist. Artificial entity, ADMK will completely fall in the feats.

Agenda of BJP is very simple,

Destroy the regional identity and bring everyone under the single roof, which is not possible forever. Regional parties like DMK, TMC, TDP will fight hard to save the identity.

- Praveen Kumar Rajendran
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