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திங்கள், 4 மார்ச், 2019

Imran Khan is not Pakistan Army

Imran Khan has said no to Noble Prize - News

If this trend continues, Imran Khan will not be the PM of Pakistan beyond 2019. Imran Khan and people of Pakistan may love peace, but not Pakistan Army. Words of Imran Khan and Peace of Pakistan people are not words of Pakistan Army. In Pakistan, Pakistan Army and Pakistan courts have more power than the elected Prime Minister.

Ours is Parliament form of government and we give importance to democracy. Indian government is answerable to Parliament. Government cannot do anything beyond the wish of elected representative. But Pakistan doesn't believe on anything. Anything may happen at anytime. Believing on Imran Khan is waste. Because he is a puppet. If he is not puppet of Pakistan Army, either he will be made to become Puppet or he will be impeached.

I am happy that, people from India looks for peace and started loving people of Pakistan.  Of course, NRIs would be right people to judge  the nature of Pakistanians. Actually, they are too good. Indians love for people of Pakistan is obvious. Because they were also Indians 70+ years back.

Love Pakistan, Love people of Pakistan, Love Imran Khan. But don't believe on Pakistan Army and it's sponsored terrorism against India!


- Praveen Kumar Rajendran

Jai Hind!
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