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திங்கள், 26 செப்டம்பர், 2016

How special you’re ?

Few believe that Human beings are created by the God, while the rest believes in the nature. No matter in which category you fall, accept one thing. You’re so special in this world. Yes, you’re the most special species in this world. Have you ever realized you’re so special in this world? If you’re answer is yes, you’re in a right path. If you’re answer is no, let’s explore how special you’re.

Thumb impression is one thing which makes so special in this world, as everyone have unique thumb impression. Thumb impression is still considered as one of the best biometric security method to identify an individual. You can find an identical twin with all the attributes with thumb impression as exception. Thumb is one of the important finger in your hand. A hand without thumb is useless. Thumb helps you to hold something in your hand. As I have already said you’re special with thumb impression, you make the impression to create an impact. Let your thumb hold a pen which is mightier than sword and create an impact in this society. When you have been given something special, why don’t you do something special with it?

Iris is the next thing which makes you so special in this beautiful world. Iris is something which let you to see this beautiful world. Everyone has a beautiful and unique pattern in the iris, which is also used as one of the biometric security. God/Nature has given you a beautiful pattern, through which you can see the entire world. At times, God/Nature has denied that opportunity for few in this world. If you’re able to read this article, you’re blessed by the God/Nature with beautiful pattern in the eyes. When you have been give something special in your eyes, let it have vision rather than a normal sight. Let your eyes have long term vision. Let your eyes have a vision that creates an impact in this society. Broader your vision. Let your vision be limitless and beyond.

You’re birth itself a special a thing in this world. If not to this world, it is so special to your family at least. You have won the race, you have killed others and entered the womb of your mother to be a human being. Don’t you feel yourself special for winning something before birth? You should feel special and proud about this pre-birth achievement. When you’re so special and achieved something before birth, why can’t you win all the race after birth? When you’re able to win a race without hands, legs, brain, heart etc., you can win the race now. You’re life becomes special when your specialty has been felt beyond your family and friends.

Beyond all these things your character, passion, perviverence, relationships, behavior, achievements, thoughts, success, failure, confidence, consistence, etc., are the ones which you so special from others. Having all these things with Thumb impression and Iris pattern makes you so special in this world.

If you don’t realize your specialty still? Feeling depressed and down?

Drop a mail to me (Refer contact page for my mail id), Let me make you feel

How special you’re :)


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