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புதன், 28 செப்டம்பர், 2016

Secret of Failure

Everyone in this world want to be success in all the aspect of the life such as Love, Career, and Relationship etc. Of course none wants to fail in anything they do. People love success as much as they can. People read success stories and get inspire to succeed in their life. Success is just like a narcotics which everyone aspire to attain. Few might have skipped reading this article as, I have given the title which has failure. It is obvious that people are not ready to fail and ready to read failure stories. Even though Dr. Kalam requested to read failure stories, people are fond in reading success stories. People will be on cloud nine while reading success stories of Love, Relationship and career. If you are one among those who love reading and aspiring success, let me take you through another dimension of success.                    

Yes, Failure is another dimension of Success. As like success, Failure is a journey and not a destination. If you love success, you have to love failure. It is like the two eyes of a human being. You cannot ignore failure and love success. The power of failure is stronger than success. Success will make you down or stagnant. Failure will make to arise and awake. Success may make you feel pride, as you might have got reward for it. How it would be for you, if you don’t get reward for your success? If you feel sad, down or depressed, then your love is reward and not success. The real success is, failing in many attempts and attaining your desire without any expectation. Understanding and accepting the failure is the ultimate secret behind the word failure.

Everyone celebrates success and successful person. If you succeed in your goal, people will appreciate. You might have attained that success in a solo competition or you might have attained in a big competition. Have you ever thought about the person who lost in the competition? You or anyone in this world might not think about the unsuccessful person or about the failure in this world. A person who has failed needs lot of attention than someone who has succeed. If there is someone to celebrate your failure in a positive note, with a gentle push then you’re the luckiest person in this world. Failure will make you to identify the person who positively celebrates your success and who has negatively celebrated your success. Identifying that wonderful soul in your life is the secret of failure. Failure will also make you to identify the person who love to see you fail. That’s another beautiful secret of failure.

As said, thousand miles of Life journey starts with the single step. Understanding that success cannot be achieved without crossing the failure, is the secret of failure. In the thousand miles of life journey, Failure is a continuous process which will follow till your death. Of course your death is a failure against nature/god, which cannot be won. That’s a wonderful lesson taught by the death to the humanity. You can be successful all the time, but the end you have to lose yourself to the death caused by Nature/God. Understanding and accepting that you cannot be successful all the time is the secret of failure.

In love with Failure
Praveen :)
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