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செவ்வாய், 15 நவம்பர், 2016

How did Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential Election?

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I am sharing my answer from Quora for the question "How did Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential Election?". Below is the Quora link for my answer

My Answer

Seriously I Predicted Trump Win!!

Before I answer how I predicted the Trump win, Let me clearly state the fact which everyone might be knowing.

Hilary got more number of Votes than Trump. But System made Trump to win!

Yes, I predicted the Trump win before the election. Everyone was surprised about the result of the election. But none has accepted the truth that, People have also voted for Donald Trump. Let me give some clear example on Trump win. If you are accepting the above fact, you need to accept my prediction too. Below is my view.
  • Left and Right!
During the campaign Donald Trump highlighted the ground level difficulties faced by the people. But Hilary Clinton didn’t address those issues, as she is bit conservative in nature. I will coin Hilary Clinton as Left Candidate, Trump as Right candidate. Hilary Clinton’s conservative nature has prevented her to address the real time issue faced by the Americans. Trump seems to be realistic than Hilary. Of course it will look in that way only, as the nation doesn’t have much interest over the left thoughts. May be this is one little factor made Trump ahead than Hilary.
  • Job Opportunities.
Let me give one example. You are living in a street along with your family and friends. 5 People from other country has joined your street as immigrant. A small industry in you’re area has created some Job opportunities. Everyone in the street applies for the job. All 5 immigrants are able to crab the opportunities, leaving few Americans Jobless. Of all the 5 immigrants in the street, few doesn’t have proper documents with hem. This is the ground level situation in United States. Hilary had big arms to welcome everyone, but Trump convinced local people to bring back the job from the Immigrants. People looked Trump as a savior of Jobs from immigrants than Hilary.
  • Security
Yes, once again let me take the above 5 immigrant example here for this topic. Seriously people of America were good in nature, not like their government. They have accepted the immigrants some how, with all the difficulties and leaving their opportunities for them. Immigrants should be much more loyal to Americans. But they were not loyal to them. Rather, they became the biggest disturbance for their existence itself. Especially illegal immigrants became the serious threat for the Americans. Trump openly addressed this issues during his campaign. Quite lot of people were affected by this issue. They were with the Trump and they were the root cause for his success.
  • Background
Seriously background plays a major role in the election. Both Trump and Hilary had very poor personal background. Trumps’s business controversies, Hilary Clinton’s mail controversies where the biggest drawback. Seriously people where confused to choose the best controversial candidate.
And Trump arrived the scene as the real estate tycoon. Hilary Clinton arrived the scene as senator and wife of Ex President Bill Clinton. Although Trump’s comment on Women were the worst, it was not that worst as the image gained by Bill Clinton.
I would coin the Trump victory as
Trump won, “Clinton” lost
Although Hilary Clinton had lot of vision and love for her Nation, She failed to address the real issues of America. May be that’s the reason why trump has won!
Good Luck Americans, you have gone “Right”.
Congrats President Donald Trump :)
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