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திங்கள், 14 நவம்பர், 2016

What are good ways to use time effectively in experience?

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I am sharing my answer for the question "What are good ways to use time effectively in experience?" from Quora. Below is the actual link for the question

My Answer

There are multiple ways in which Time can be used effectively.
  1. Planning is very much important to use the time effectively. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To use the time in an efficient manner, you need to plan your daily schedule. You’re a celebrity for yourself and for your family. So nothing wrong in planning things right from your restroom activity to sleeping.
  2. Priority!. After planning everything in a perfect manner, you need to fix you’re priorities. If you plan to do multiple things, sort everything on priority base to avoid chaos.
  3. Planning and Priority will come under prerequisite for time management. Executionis the main step in time management. Try to execute your plan with the help of priorities. If the high priority task consume more time, start your less priority task in the side. At the end of the day, you will end up doing something. Something is always better than nothing!
  4. Learn. Almost everyone will end the time management cycle with step 3. Step 4 is very important than other steps. You need to learn your positives and negatives from all the three steps. Use your positives next day, try to change your negatives

I guess, following these 4 steps will help someone to use time efficiently.
Note: Shared with my experience..! Good luck!!

Praveen Kumar Rajendran
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