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What are the things a woman should NOT do after getting married?

During the post marriage life, One should remember the transformation from girl to women. As a girl, one might have shared and did whatever they liked and wished. As a women, one should understand the situation and act accordingly. Among many things,
Career and Relationship plays a crucial role,let me share what not to do!
Career, now almost everyone has a formal higher education with a descent job. As far as career is concerned, there is no difference between men and women. Everyone mighty have reached or landed with a job after a long struggle and sustained in the job with lot of difficulties. It would be great if the girl continue her career after the marriage, which doesn’t affect the bonding with her husband. I could see few couples are living distance ahead in the name of career. If a choice has to been made between long distance career or husband’s bonding, it would be awesome if the girl chose to stay with the husband. Career with husband will look good and awesome, than a career without husband.
Break the image, “Hiring a women will be danger after marriage”.

Relationship(s), Almost everyone might have been in one or two or multiple relationships during the teenage. Few relationship might have been serious and few might have been peppy relationships. Nothing wrong in sharing the information about relationship with the partner. It will enhance the bonding and trust between the couples. Often it happens in a different way. Most of people share each and every things about the past relationship and compare the spouse with the so called ex. Already past relationship(s) might have ruined, sharing such things will ruin the marriage life. It will be better not to share each and everything of the past relationship to the current spouse. This will not create any unnecessary problems. This is applicable for both men and women.
If the above 2 points are taken care in the marriage, almost everything will be Okay in the life.

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