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வியாழன், 2 பிப்ரவரி, 2017

Let's Make India Great Again!

Visa Restrictions!

2017 had begun with great storm from the United States of America, which was expected by the majority of people. But still few were unable to accept the storms created by President Donald Trump. Especially, Visa Ban for 7 Islamic countries had created a great impact all over the world. It had also created significant impact among the top IT business tycoons of The United States of America and India.

Although India was not affected by the Visa Ban for the 7 Islamic countries, restriction on the H1B visa had created significant impact in India. Since Visa ban doesn't affect India, India remained silent on the immigrant ban issue. Being silent on the restriction of H1B visa will not be a great sign for the country. India should share it's view on Visa restriction openly, to avoid impact among the Indian Information Technology Business.

Father of Indian Information Technology sector, Shri.Narayana Murthy was the first person to react on the H1B restriction. He has urged the Indian IT companies to recruit locally, instead of sending employees from India. This will have double impact in the Information Technology sector. 
  • Indian IT Companies can concentrate on the Opportunities that are available in India.
  •  This will reduce overall revenue of India, which had United States as major origin.
Second impact can certainly overcome by the first point. If the companies had started looking for the opportunities that are available in India, we can overcome the revenue loss that has created. I would say this is the right time to think about the opportunities that are available in our country, especially when India is trying to move towards digitization in a large scale. 

The step taken by the President Trump on H1B is one of the clever and selfish step taken by a leader to increase the opportunities for their people. This will directly bring back the opportunities to the local people, which was hijacked by the foreigners. Instead of banning the H1B visa, increasing the cost of minimum salary for the H1B visa holder will reduce the number of application from the foreigners. Companies felt it as cost reducing method, but American government is seeing in terms of opportunity reducing method. A clear sign has been given to the foreigners from the United States. Especially, a very clear sign has been given to the Indians. I feel this is the correct time to start our revolution and make,

India great Again!

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