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செவ்வாய், 23 மே, 2017

Rajinikanth and Politics

I have been asked to write about Rajinikanth's recent political statement in Quora. Below was my answer , which was written as three parts.
1996 is one of crucial year for Tamil Nadu. Jayalalithaa was in power and earned lot of anti incumbency on her government. Although it was a easy win for DMK, it became much easier with the voice of Rajinikanth. He was strongly against the JJ and said only god can save TN, if her government continue. It was actually true. Going one step ahead, he announced that his support is for DMK - TMC alliance. Rajinikanth had huge fan in 1996 and his popularity was at peak in 1995, after the batshaa release. With his support, DMK won the election very easily. Even Jayalalithaa lost one out of two seat to DMK. It was a great set back for JJ.

Rajinikanth was the major reason. Without supporting DMK, if he had formed a party it would have been different. He might won the election and became the CM. But he was not clear in his thought and plan. He didn't have the courage to take a strong decision at that time. He missed a golden opportunity.
This one of the crucial years for Tamil Nadu, which had faced several elections. During all the election held during this period, people tried to get the support of Rajinikanth. But he was not ready to support anyone. Only once, he openly declared that his vote is for BJP and his fans can vote on their wish. It didn't create big wave or it didn't give any impact for BJP. Moreover BJP didn't have a leader to utilize that.
During these period, Rajinikanth created a bad image with political statement. He created an image that, he will talk about politics only during the release of his movies. He doesn't have any idea of entering the politics by throwing the ball to God.
Moreover,he had lot of fear in entering the politics. One of the major fear is, by birth he is from Karnataka. People will not accept and create problems with that. More than that, he has good friends across the parties. He was close to both JJ and Karunanithi. His humble and friendly nature stopped him often. He is a person who has zero enemy. But in politics that is not possible. His health issues and other things stopped him.
In this period, he met all the Indian leaders ans created good rapport with all the leaders. He had invited all the leaders for his daughter wedding. Above all, Narendra Modi visited him at his residence during the 2014 election.
Despite all around pressure, he remained neutral and calm in all the situation.
Recently he has made a speech during the fans meet. His speech had lot of hint on politics entry. I am seeing him for past 20+ years. He is giving same kind of speech for the past 2 decades. He is not sure about his decision. Even after 20 years, he is throwing the ball to God. I don't find anything big or anything changed him. Only one major change is, his fans have reduced. Since many young actors came into picture, his fans got reduced. People have become fan of other actors, but love watching Rajinikanth movies. So, I don't think so it is right time for political entry. He had missed that opportunity in 1996 and still in confusion. Few people say that, he is doing this because of his high budget movie 2.0. May be, even I too think like that.
Current Situation - Tamil Nadu
Seriously the situation in the state is very bad, after the death of Jayalalithaa. Karunanidhi is not feeling well. There is a Leadership cries in Tamil Nadu. We are not having strong government in the state. With the help and guidance of centre,state is running. The momentum of the growth has completely stopped. Corruption and crime had increased. Influence of central government on the state rights have increased to the core. Unemployment is at the peak. Tamil Nadu was the first state in the country to initiate global investors meet. Everything has stalled. Nothing visibly happened for the past 1 year.
Expectations and Reality
So all we need is a stable government with visionary leader. We are in need of a leader to take the state forward with his/her thoughts and idea. More than that, we need a clean leader for the state.

Yes, Rajinikanth is saying that he will be clean he enter politics. I am not sure about his personal tax return and other things, but he doesn't have any idea on the problems of the state. As justice Katju said, he doesn't have any idea or solution for the unemployment problem and other things.
And he claimed himself to be a tamilan, as he lived here for the past 44 years. Unfortunately, he couldn't even speak one line properly in Tamil. All his speech are excellent in front of the camera, but nothing in the reality.
Most of the people in Tamil Nadu(including me), feel that state should not be ruled by actors anymore. State had already suffered under the actors for the past 3 decades. Everyone is looking for an efficient ruler for the state, unfortunately Rajinikanth will not fit into this expectations.
Moreover if my predictions are correct, he will not enter politics. He will continue to throw the ball to God and escape from everything.
Short Answer: As a fan,I wish him to serve the state but not rule the state. Personally, I wish my Rajinikanth should have peaceful life, which is not possible in politics.
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