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சனி, 20 மே, 2017

10 Points on IT Layoffs

As a Software Engineer, let me share my open view on this issue. There are multiple reason for this massive layoff, but few are really alarming.
  1. Everyone in India, join Engineering college with a motivation to get placed or to get offer in an IT company. Of course, IT companies welcomed people across the branches. People from Mechanical, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology got IT companies offer in a large scale. I would call that period as Golden period of IT. More than any branch, Electronics and Communication Engineers got more IT offers than CSE students. I am not degrading the other branch students, but unfortunately they are the victims of the massive layoff. As it is not their core Industry, many are not prepared to update. They are trying to survive with what they were trained during the initial period. Unfortunately, that will not help in IT industry.
  2. Engineers craze over few programming language such as Java, .Net is another reason for the layoff. They are completely depend upon on particular technology and nothing is known beyond that. Beyond programming language knowledge, IT industry need lot of other skill.
  3. IT industry is ever blooming and every growing industry. Changes are inevitable. Technology changes, grows each and every day. One should be constantly updating the skill and knowledge to get survived. Most of them are not doing that.
  4. Automation is the reason for such massive layoff is a myth. Most of companies are trying to automate low skill work, which doesn’t require human effort. Companies doesn’t want to waste the human effort on low skilled work, rather they want to apply the same to high level problem. If automation is the reason for such massive layoff, then are we having low skilled jobs more in number?. Moreover automation is just like the Industrial revolution. If we do not automate low skilled jobs, we will not be in a position to solve the ever growing human need. As the requirement is getting increased day by day, we cannot solve that without the help of automation.
  5. Yes, in certain cases Automation is reason for layoff. But we need to understand that, Automation cannot completely replace the human engineers. Automation can help the human engineers to solve the simple problems. Blindly trusting the automation is not possible and organizations, clients are not ready for that. Everyone want people and technology to work together to solve the problems. If technology is taking one step ahead, we all should think wise and move double step than fearing on that. 
  6. Layoffs are part of all the industry. Since IT industry has more number of employees it is getting visible to the public. Only in government jobs, we don’t have layoffs. If not, one should have their own idea to do some business.
  7. Everyone(including me) should understand that, it is survival of the fastest among the fittest. Now everyone is fit. But who is fast among the fit to compete with the upcoming technology matters a lot.
  8. People say US visa problem etc etc., are the major reason for this. Well, it is partially. Our Indian market is fresh. Instead of solving the US problems, we should come forward to solve our problems. Let’s make India great again.
  9. One should be aware about the IT industry before entering. Everyone enters IT industry with dream of “onsite for everyone”. It was few years back. IT party is over. Nowadays, onsite is for the deserved ones. Phase of the industry is getting changed every year. It is not same, as it was when our uncle, brother, sister, cousin joined.
  10. I know enough Engineers joining IT industry for two big reason. One is for pocket money and other one is for time pass. This is all because, the entry inside an IT company is very easy. Either they enter via campus drive or reference drive. These kind of layoff is seriously a warning to people who think this industry is for fun.
Yes, the overloaded bus is now dropping few people. Or else the bus will not last for a long time(run).
If I don’t understand the above points, One day even I should also get down from the bus.
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