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வெள்ளி, 9 ஜூன், 2017

Campus Placement Vs Off Campus Placement

Most of the fresh graduates will always have doubts about “On campus placement and Off Campus Placement”. Below points will cover most of the doubts.
On-Campus Recruitment
  • Everything will be in control between the college placement co-coordinator and HR. Recruitment count is mostly based upon the efficiency of the placement coordinator.
  • Competition is known and very less.
  • On campus drive will make you to compete with your friends. Sometimes, it will create ego issues too.
  • Companies will directly come to you and give you offer. Assurance of the offer letter is based upon the candidate. Company cannot reject, unless until you don’t have the capacity to clear the interview.
  • Technical rounds will be very simple and potentiality of clearing it is very high.
  • There will be no dragging drama. Everything will be clear and the result will be published within the day(max 2 days).
  • No need any reference.
  • Candidate can predict the result very easily.
  • No brokers. Everything is direct dealing.
Off-Campus Recruitment
  • Competition will be very high and unknown.
  • Number of requirement will not be disclosed.
  • Candidate with high profile reference will have the potentiality of getting the offer.
  • Result can never predicted. Nothing can be predicted with the words conveyed by the recruiters.
  • Technical round will be very challenging.
  • Potentially of meeting same candidate is very high and will end up having “Interview friends”
  • There will be some intermediate brokers in the name of consultancy and do some unwanted business.
  • I have huge respect for the Candidate who get offer letter in the off campus drive without any reference.
 In short,On Campus drive is like Zoo. Off campus drive is like forest.
I hope this article might have cleared most of the queries. My best wishes to young graduates.
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