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புதன், 7 ஜூன், 2017

Sardar Patel as First Prime Minister of India

I didn’t live in the period of Sardar Patel. With the history I read and with other details, Let me share what would have happened if Sardar was chosen as first Prime Minister of India.
Zero Dynasty Rule
India might not have seen dynasty rule. Yes, Congress would have been under the true congress men/women than under the control of Nehru Family. Nehru was a genius by birth and had great vision for the country. Unfortunately, his family members didn’t have big vision for the country. Everyone else became the leader of this country, as they belong to Nehru family. If Sardar had become the first prime minister, I guess we might not have seen a dynasty kind of rule in the country.
Disturbed Start
Although India got Independence in 1947, Lord Mountbatten continued as first Indian governor general. Nehru took help(Suggestions) from him to have a great start for the young nation. Unfortunately Sardar Patel died in the year 1950. If he had become the Prime Minister of India, we might have lost a PM in 3 years after independence and might have created vacuum in the initial phase of the new country.
Iron Man of India - Sardar Vallabai Patel

External Affairs
Although Nehru was excellent in the external affairs, I feel he terribly messed with Pakistan in the Kashmir issue. Nehru didn’t take strong and bold step in the Kashmir issue with Pakistan. Still the issue is long term pending with the both sides. I felt, Sardar would have taken some bold steps in the Kashmir issue. I am not sure about this. This is my wild guess, with his past initiatives in building the new India. This was the same with the issue of China. Below is the reference for my claim.
Rajaji - Page 361
Capitalistic Economy
Nehru strongly believed in the mixed economy. He believed and always wanted certain services to remain public and certain services can involve private partnership. But Sardar was always in favor of going towards capitalistic economy. Unfortunately, he didn’t become the Prime Minister for this case. If India had chosen the capitalistic economy with poor GDP(In 1947), things would have gone worse during the initial phase.
As like economy, Nehru believed being in Center is good for the country. He believed India should have the support of both left and right wing. But Sardar was leaning towards the right wing. If he had become the PM of India, India would have supported the Allied powers and right thoughts might have prevailed in the country. As like Nehru, even I feel India should always remain center.
Yes, these are the things which might have happened if he had become the PM of India.
Everything was a guess. Not sure, what would have happened.
Whatever happened was happened. And it was “Good”.
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