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ஞாயிறு, 25 ஜூன், 2017

Is Ramnath Kovind Modi's Master Stroke?


To answer this question, let me go back to 2002 presidential election.

In 2002:

In 2002, Atal Bhihari Vajapyee took a wise decision of making Dr.A.P.Abdul Kalam as the candidate. He kept multiple check points among the Opposition, which made them to accept him as President of India without any objection.

Opposition parties couldn’t find any flaw with Dr. Kalam. Dr.Kalam had good image among the public and every Indian citizen wanted Dr. Kalam to be the President of India. Anything against him, would spoil the image among the public. So opposition parties had nothing to do, other than accepting him.

In 2017:

2002 has been partially repeated in the year 2017. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a wise decision in announcing Mr.Ramnath Kovind as the candidate. Narendra Modi didn’t keep check point for all the parties, but he kept check point for key parties and leader. One such leader whom he wanted to keep check was, Nithish Kumar.

Nithish Kumar’s exit from NDA is seriously one of the biggest loss for NDA. Modi always wanted Nithish Kumar under the roof of NDA. They terribly missed a clean leader from NDA. Modi always wanted him to come back to NDA. By announcing Ramnath Kovind as the candidate, Modi indirectly kept check point for Nithish Kumar and he succeeded in that too.

Yes, Nithish Kumar extended his support for Ramnath Kovind. Congress later announced Mrs. Miera Kumar as the candidate to keep check point and they terribly failed. If congress had annouced this earlier, it would been different.

But, Modi kept everything secret and announced very early. The biggest master stroke is, even Media were not aware about Ramnath Kovind in the race.
The reason why I said ‘partially’ because,
  1. Most of the Indians were not aware about Ramnath Kovind.
  2. He isn’t popular, because is not controversial.
  3. He isn’t or will be people’s president. He will serve as Political president.

Short Answer:

Yes Modi took master stroke in announcing, but terribly failed to announce ‘People’s president’ as like Atal Bhihari Vajpayee.

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