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புதன், 26 ஜூலை, 2017

Mr.Clean Nitish Kumar

Personally, I have good opinion about Nithish Kumar. One of the sincere and educated politician. When he won the election against Lalu Prasad Yadv and broke the Lalu Raj, I felt savior has arrived for Bihar. And as CM, Nithish did wonderful job. And it is not that easy to do something in the state like Bihar. He did far better and have good image among the people of Bihar.

But I was disappointed, when he joined hands with Lalu Prasad to fight against BJP. Actually BJP felt that,they cannot be stopped. Nithish Kumar proved them wrong with his clean image among the people. And because of Nithish Kumar's clean image, Lalu Prasad and Congress was able to find good number of seats.

But unfortunately, Lalu Prasad and co are not allowing Nithish Kumar to work with full freedom. They always do something against his image. Whatever Lalu Prasad and co did, reflected on Nithish Kumar's image. Recent corruption charge against Lalu Prasad's son was the recent one which created bad image against him.

Moreover, in one of my earlier answers I had narrated about the selection of Ramnath Kovind as President. Actually, Narendra Modi wanted Nithish Kumar to join back NDA. He always have good relationship with him, for his clean image. BJP and Modi made a great move to make this possible, by announcing Ramnath Kovind as NDA candidate. They got immediate support from Nithish Kumar. That was an interim success for BJP.

Yesterday's resignation was the ultimate success for BJP and Today's government formation with support of BJP makes the mission of BJP accomplished.

Nithish Kumar now will work with full freedom and remove Lalu and Co from Bihar. This will be the first step for BJP's victory in 2019.

If not in 2019, I wish in 2024 Nithish Kumar should become the Prime Minister of India.

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