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புதன், 26 ஜூலை, 2017

Respect and Love Pranab Da!

Shri. Ramnath Kovind became the 14th President of Republic India on 25th July 2017. Veteran Congress leader and the former President of Republic India, Shri.Pranab Mukerjee had left the Rashtrapathi Bhavan with lot of memories and lessons to be learn't. 

Pranab's political experience is older than my age. He was public life for more than 5 decades and finally completed it peacefully gracefully as the President of India. Actually, he should have become the Prime Minister of India in 2004, when congress won the election with large number of seats. His nature and his strong nationality was the reason, why he couldn't become the Prime Minister of India. More than that, his nature of not bending before anyone is the major reason for not becoming the Prime Minister of India.

Pranab - Congress

Yes, Pranab is one of the rarest politician who has never bent before anyone for anything. Probably, that's the reason why everything came behind him. Knowing his nature, Sonia Gandhi terribly didn't give the chance to him to become the PM in 2004. Rather, she decided to make Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister who can be operated from the back. If Sonia Gandhi had opted Pranab, following things might have happened.

1. Less number of corruption during the UPA rule.
2. Congress might have been saved from the Nehru Family
3. Congress might not have lost in the 2014 general election.
4. Congress might not have come down to 2 digit in the lower house of the Parliament. 


Nationalistic thought of Pranab didn't allow Sonia Gandhi to become the Prime Minister of India in 2004. He was not happy about that. He accepted Sonia Gandhi as Congress President, just for the love and respect for Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Nation or Congress, Pranab went on with National interest. Of course Sonia Gandhi had other plan for preventing her to become the PM of India.

Pranab with Indira Gandhi
Way For Rahul Gandhi

Even in 2009, Congress should have made Pranab as the Prime Minister. But Sonia Gandhi decided to go with Manmohan Singh and had a great plan for Pranab. She decided to make him as the President of India, which will clear the route for Rahul Gandhi. Route was clear, but inefficiency of Rahul Gandhi and Modi wave made congress to reduce to double digit.

Pranab - BJP Government

Moreover Sonia Gandhi felt that, Pranab will play key role if there was an hung parliament in 2014. But BJP won 2014 with absolute majority and Pranab played a wonderful role as President during the BJP rule.

He used all the power given in the constitution of India. He served more than as the President for the country for the government, by being the governing light at many occasions. Unfortunately, he didn't behave as veteran congress man, as expected by the congress party. They all forget that,

Pranab Mukerjee is a Nationlist, than a Congress man.

From the bottom of my heart. I salute the true nationlist Pranab Mukerjee a wonderful and peaceful life beyond Rashtrapathi Bhavan

Praveen Kumar Rajendran
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