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வெள்ளி, 25 ஆகஸ்ட், 2017

Privatization of Indian Railways

In the below passages, transport is nothing but Bus.
Government Transport
In Tamil Nadu, We have public Private partnership in Transport system. Public transports are bit older and not properly maintained. But cost of the travel in the public transport are affordable. As we have different types of transport, it is affordable for everyone.
Private Transport
Influence of private people in transport is very high. Private transport are well maintained. And they regularly change their vehicles. It gives luxurious travel to the passengers. It is not affordable for everyone. Cost is very flexible and there is no limit for the cost. Cost will very high during the festival season.
For example,
Cost of travel between Chennai to Madurai in Government transport will cost 350–400. Cost will be constant. There will be no change in the cost during the festivals. Most of the people doesn't prefer this because, number of buses operated are very less. Duration of the travel is very high, it will be around 10 hours. Conditions of the buses will be very poor.
Private transport is just opposite to the public transport. Number of buses are very high. Cost of the ticket will be around 700–800 during the normal days. Cost of ticket will be around 1000–1500+ during the festival season. If someone have any doubt on the figures, please check the price in websites like Red bus. Below is the recent price details from Madurai to Chennai(Recent one). Just an example.

Lot of complaints have been made on this price hike. But, no action have been taken against any travels. On an average, it will be take 8–9 hours to reach Madurai. But these private travels take less than 8 hours. Literally, things will be like circus.
Now, let me come to Railways. Railways is a service based organization. In India, Railways is considered as the common man transport. Railways are usually affordable to everyone. But people want Railways to be privatized. If it had happened, things will be upside down.
Privatization of railways will make it modern. Operations will be excellent. Maintenance will be wonderful.
But will it be affordable for everyone?.
Answer is left to people who want Privatization in Railways.
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