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ஞாயிறு, 27 ஆகஸ்ட், 2017

God Mans

India is diverse country. We can find diversity in each and everything. Diversity in religion, caste, state, language etc,. These diversities are the biggest strength of the country. Among all the diversities in India, diversity on religion and god are very special. Constitution of India has given full rights(freedom) to the citizens to follow any religion and worship any God. There is no restriction in the process of worshiping the God. Anyone can worship any God, irrespective of the religion. But Constitution of India doesn't encourage or support something called "God Man". Because,

"God is permanent and these God Man's are temporary."

Yes, God(s) remain the same. God doesn't change. But people who use the name of God change. They use God's name for their living. And irrespective of the religion, these God Man's are the biggest trouble for the country. They hide behind the God and do everything in the name of God. Unfortunately people believe all these God Man's as they believe, that they are the messengers of God. This is seriously unbelievable. The more interesting part is, well educated people believe on these God mans because they strongly believe in God. Most of the time these God mans get caught. The moment when the Man in the God comes out, they get caught. These god man are the composition of

"99% man and 1% God"

That 1% is just a grace mark to them. Actually it should be Zero. People believe in that 1% because, these God mans appear before their follower just 1% of their day. 99% of their day are hidden. These are the period in which these God man convert into Normal man and do all the nonsense. Nonsense includes everything. There are certain God man in the country, who behave like Normal man in the public. But, still people think them as God. The perfect example for this Nithyanandha. He is 100% normal man. Because, even in public he does all the nonsense.

"Religion with God will have God man"

 These kind of God mans are found in all the religion. These kind of nonsense exist in all the religion. All the religion which has God will have God man, who does all the nonsense in the name of God.Cornering one particular religion with respect to God man is really ridiculous. But most of the media hell, when the God man is caught from one particular religion. Certain things are hidden, when God mans are caught from some other religion. I am not sure on, why these appeasement with respect to god mans. This is absolute pseudo secularism. And I feel there should be,

"Zero Pseudo secularism on God Man"

And if you look at the economical status of these God mans. They are wealthy. They live a luxurious life. Unfortunately, these God mans doesn't keep their real God(followers) luxurious. Expecting luxurious is too much. At least these followers can be treated well by not preaching their 1% pseudo god nature. The best example for this criteria is, Marriage. Most of the God mans preach their followers not to marry. Unfortunately, followers believe that 1% and stay 100% without family and other things. One should strongly understand that,

"No God said No to Marriage"

Beyond these Marriage and other stuffs what makes these God man's successful. What are the skills they possess. Below are the few,

1. God Mans are wonderful in communication skill. Without them they are nothing. They making everything with their speeches. They know how to speak, what to speak and when to speak. Their experience and analysis helps them a lot. At one of time, God mans will stop talking and perform only actions to mesmerize the people.

2. God Mans are wonderful in business skill. They know how to make money. They know how to convert the sentiments of God as currency. Most of God mans have crore worth property with the strong political background. They never fail to do public investments such investment on education, healthcare and politics. These are the biggest strength to hide their inner nonsense.

3. These God mans are wonderful in social skills. They know how to handle a person in public. They know to make thing with the social skills.They quickly update to all the latest technology and reach people using technology.

4. These God man's clearly know the current problem with the people. In the digital world, there is minimal amount of inter human communication. Most of the people doesn't have anyone to share their problem. These God mans clearly use these situation and mesmerize people by giving solution to the problem. The only solution for this is to have strong inter human communication.

If human beings start communicating with the reach other and throw all these digital mediums, then these God mans will have no role to play in the society.

By the way, certain good things are also happening in and around them. Things like Yoga, preaching etc., All I wish is, please take the good things from them. Never go to an excitation level. Think about the 99% of human being in them, everything will be fine.


Praveen Kumar Rajendran

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