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ஞாயிறு, 24 செப்டம்பர், 2017

My Day At SKCE

I strongly believe that, the day becomes special when we do something special and close to the heart. One special thing which I love to do is speaking. Touching the soul of a person is divine. I am always blessed and faithful to God for giving me the communication skill to touch the soul of my audience.
But this time, it was quite different set of Audience. Often I address college students. But this time, Faculties of Computer science and IT department of Sri Krishna college of Engineering Coimbatore. It was a one day faculty development program on Cloud. And I took more than 2 months to prepare for this program. It was very difficult and challenging for me. Responsibility in front of me is huge. Whatever I am going to address will reach the large number of students indirectly and continuously. So I took lot of effort in preparing for the event. Although many things have to be addressed, I kept my goals very simple.
Since I had prepared well for a long period of time, I was able to accomplish these goals. With these two goals, I was partially able to accomplish my expectations.
Fun and Audience:
I strongly believe that humor takes a speaker close to the audience. Humor that everyone should enjoy. Humor that comes naturally is essential for a speaker. Speaker with good humor sense is always blissful for audience. And it’s my habit to use this tool so that my audience will be with me. But this time, I was confused because everyone in front of me are very serious. They are faculties. Everyone has their own nature. So I was bit confused. But my nature didn’t allow me. So I triggered some humor during my speech. As it got worked out,I continued the same till the end.
I knew that most of the Engineering college in and around Coimbatore will have good infrastructure. This was my first to SKCET. It was a beautiful clean campus with ultimate freedom for students. Although I reached the campus bit late, faculties and authorities gave a warm welcome. And even during the session, the questions from the faculties were truly amazing. I was not surprised about that, because they are the creators of smartest engineers to the society. So it is obvious that, they will be smart.
Missed Expectation!
I had one more big expectation in front of me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t accomplish that as I didn’t have much time to prepare. It is none other than, setting up private cloud using devstack. Continous changes in the devstack repo and time management stopped me from accomplishing this. I will take this as a lesson and will plan things accordingly in the upcoming events.

Thanks for reading.
So, you want me to address your students or faculties?. Anything non technical? Technology stuffs?
Well, you can always reach me via mail id
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