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ஞாயிறு, 24 செப்டம்பர், 2017

Should India accept Rohingyas on a humanity basis?

Before answering this question directly, let me narrate another such incident related to refugees and India.
Tamil Ezham
There was huge civil war in Sri Lanka between LTTE and Sri Lankan army. It was long term internal war between LTTE and Sri Lankan army. The war had happened for more than 2 decades. At one point of time, Sri Lankan army committed war crime against the people of Ezham(Tamilians) in the name of war against LTTE. As a result of continuous torture from the Sri Lankan army, Tamilians left their home land and living across the world. One can find huge number of Sri Lankan Tamil in the countries like United Kingdom, Norway, Canada and India.
Basically Sri Lankan Tamilians were considered as one of brilliant group of people. After leaving the mother land, Sri Lankan Tamilians are living peacefully in the migrated countries and working for the progress of that nation. Their contribution to the migrated country is enormous. They have even became the elected members in the migrated country. Ms. Radhika Sitsabaiesan of Sri Lankan Tamil origin became the member of Candian parliament between 2011–2015. Below is her popular first address at the Canadian Parliament.

Now let’s come to the Rohingya’s issue. Rohingya are the group of people from Myanmar. They became refugees because of the internal war in the myanmar. Since they couldn’t survive in Myanmar, they started migrating across the nation. The closest ones for the refugees are India and Bangladesh. And in India, North East is very close and accessible for the Rohingya refugees.
Nothing is required to explain economical and social status of North East India. After a long gap, only now things are getting into picture. Migration of these refugees in the North East region had already caused enough social and economical problems. Moreover, India doesn’t benefit by importing these refugees. And few are creating a mess across the country. Moreover India is a huge country with complex problems. Especially with the respect to North East, complexity of the problems are very high. Adding these refugees to this region is really dangerous.
Yes, we need to show mercy towards them. We can accept some genuine refugees, if they are ready to work for India. It is not compulsion that they should work for India. At least they can remain silent and not work against the country in which they have migrated.
Because India cannot accept any nonsense from the refugees with our integrity and sovereignty in fire.
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