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புதன், 18 அக்டோபர், 2017

2 Years of Interview Failure

Below was the question which I recently answered in Quora,

Can I become a software engineer? I lost all my hope by attending interviews and wasted 2 years.

As I was also in the same page, I answered the above question with what I did to succeed in an interview. 

Certainly it is possible for you to become software engineer. All you need to do is,
  1. You should identity the reason behind your failure interviews. It is called as root cause analysis. Learn from your failures. You can commit mistakes. But you cannot repeat the same mistake again and again.
  2. After identifying the root cause for your failures, you will be able to identify your strength and weakness. You need to enhance your strength and improve your weakness. With same level of strength and weakness, the chance of failure is high. So, move ahead.
  3. Never ever give up in your life. Your life doesn’t end with interviews and one rejection. Number of opportunities in front of you is plenty. All you need to do is, understand that opportunity and work hard to achieve it.
  4. You can cheat your parents, girlfriend or boyfriend, friends and relatives. It will not create big impact in your life. But when you cheat yourself, no one can save you. If you really feel that Software engineer is not your job, please stop searching for it and try for something else. There is nothing wrong in that. I would call that as wise decision.
  5. Contacts are very important in the current world. I always utter people that, “Network is your net worth”. Start reaching people. Your friends, relatives, well wishers. People in job will know the opportunities inside the organization. Try to get their reference for job. People will refer you, but cannot recommend you.
  6. Stop wasting time. Start doing something productive beyond your interviews. Interviewers will look for candidates who is active in multiple way, rather than for a candidate who doesn’t do anything beyond job search.
  7. Last but not least, know your reality and believe your reality. Stop your imagination and live your reality. Everything will be on track.
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