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புதன், 11 அக்டோபர், 2017

Nirmala Sitharaman: Modi's Choice

Before 2014, 99.9% people from Tamil Nadu and India don't know who is Nirmala Sitharaman. Many didn't expect her to be in the Modi's cabinet. Everyone thought L.Ganesan from TN or some other will get opportunity in the Modi's cabinet. But Narendra Modi surprised everyone by making her as commerce minister in 2014.
In last 3 years, she proved that Modi's selection was perfect. She took lot initiatives in making Make in India program as grand success. At many occasion, she proved to be one of best minister in the Modi’s cabinet.
Fast forward in 2017, Modi surprised entire world by making her as the defense minister of India. Being a Defense minister of India isn’t a easy task, that too with the constant threat from Pakistan and China. It needs lot of knowledge and courage to be the head of armed forces. I guess, she deserve this promotion.
And after becoming the defense minister, she is really excellent in her service. She is proving that, Narendra Modi’s selection is always correct. Below tweet from her is one such beautiful example.

One of the beautiful gesture from a defense minster. This tweet and picture made me feel proud. It clearly showed on what would happen, if women becomes the head of rough and tough ministry.
Further, her interaction with the Chinese soldiers is epic!!
I strongly believe that, with her strong determination, courage and knowledge she will prove herself to be the ‘best defense minister of free India’

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