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திங்கள், 27 நவம்பர், 2017

How can I call my life a good life?

This was a question asked to answer in Quora. Below is my answer.

Good Question!
I am an IT professional. Let me narrate two scenario with respect to IT industry.
Scenario 1: Unbalanced
IT Engineer working in Top MNC drawing a salary of 8 lak per annum in the 5th year. Working time starts at 9 AM in the morning and ends as the work ends. And of course, there is no hardcore rule that Working time should start at 9AM. Often working hours will extend more than usual hours(9 hours). Week days will be tightly packed. Will have no time to think about anything else. No time for family and friends during the weekdays. And of course, will spend less time on taking care of health. Due to heavy work pressure, improper diet and improper sleep. Often will fall sick. Unable to leave the company, as it pays in good number (with less experience).

Scenario 2: Balanced
The above narrated IT Engineer, previously worked in a similar top MNC for 5 years. Engineer was drawing 5.5 lak per annum. It was a good company. No work pressure. Had lot of time for self interest. Had a balanced diet and good sleep at night. Had a healthy and balanced life(work and personal balance). Had lot of time to spend with family and friends. It was a peaceful life with less pressure.
So from the above two scenario which is good life?. For me,

Scenario 2 is good life.

Yes, it is important to earn money in life. But we should have time to spend that money. And there is no meaning in earning money just to increase the bank balance.

Note: If you think scenario 1 is good life. Well, no comments.

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