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வியாழன், 7 டிசம்பர், 2017


More than my friends, I love my enemies a lot. They are really true in hating me. And of course, they are the biggest inspiration of my life. Without their hate, I am nothing. They always motivate me to do things above and beyond. The only thing which I am impressed with them was,
“Their genuine love to hate me”
I don’t hate my enemies. I love them to the core. And there are people whom I hate to the core. They are none other than,
These backstabbers are the ones who pretend to be my friend and do all the nonsense behind my back. They are the biggest curse of my life. And I always fail before them. They are artificial elements in the life. They have nothing in the mind other than,
“When this guy will move and when we can finish him”

I hate them. I hate them. I hate them to the core.
And I always accept my enemies. They are real. They are motivating me. But, I don’t have room for my backstabbers. I don’t take revenge on them. Instead I throw them out. Throw them to the dustbin. And I don’t have the habit taking things back from the dustbin.
How about you?
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