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வெள்ளி, 16 பிப்ரவரி, 2018

Why should I vote and not vote for Modi?

There are multiple reason on why you should vote for Narendra Modi in 2019. Let me highlight few points,
Bold Initiatives
Congress was in the power for the 10 years. It was collation government in the center under the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The number of bold initiatives taken during the 10 years of congress rule is very less comparing the 4+ years of BJP rule. May be it’s all because, BJP enjoys majority in the LS. Although BJP didn’t had majority in the RS, they were able to take some bold initiatives in the past 4 years. One of the best example will be, the implementation of GST.
Although GST was proposed by NDA government, Congress didn’t take any initiatives to implement it. But BJP government took enough steps to implement it in a short span of time. And most of the time, Manmohan Singh government was coward in taking big initiatives. The only one good thing, UPA government implemented as RTI. In the current scenario we cannot go back to a slow government again. So we need to have BJP in rule, even in 2019.
Foreign Policy
Foreign policy is very important for India. It’s not because, India does trade with the foreign countries. There is a huge population of Indians spread across the globe as, Non-Residential Indians. They are one of the biggest hope for the country. They contribute more for the Indian economy than the contribution towards the country in which they reside.
Foreign Policy under UPA government was in the coma stage. We were in a situation, where Sri Lanka threaten India by joining hands with China. China had continuously interfered in the internal issues of India and also emerged as biggest threat for India. Non-Residential Indians had no hope about the home land and they were living as if they are living in the other planet.
Everything changed in these 4 years. Modi government took enough initiatives to build a wonderful foreign policy. His address in the foreign land gave new hope for the non-residential Indians. India emerged as one of the biggest power in the world. Modi literally acted as a Brand Ambassador for the country and raised the level of India globally. To continue this momentum, I wish our people should vote for Modi.
And to all those who are commenting that, Modi is on World Tour. Please remember that, our brothers and sisters are living around the globe. Modi has given new hope to them.
Visionary Projects
Apart from the implementation of GST, Modi government initiated some wonderful projects for the country. Below are some of the some of the wonderful projects which was really wonderful,
  • Swachh Bharath Movement,
  • Make in India
  • Jan Dhan account for the poor,
  • Electrification of rural area,
  • Start-up India Stand Up India program,
  • Digital India Program
  • Beti bachao Beti padhao program
  • Prime Mantri Ujjwala Yojana,
  • Atal Pension Yojana
The number of beneficiaries for the above mentioned programs will vote for Modi.
Note: I used clean toilet facility near Trichy Busstand(Tamil Nadu), which was built under the Swachh Bharath Mission. I was really impressed by the maintenance of the toilet. Almost everyone was using that free toilet.

Realizing the above reasons will make someone to vote for the Modi government again. But the below points will make the Modi voters to think about before voting for him again..
State Rights
I am from the state of Tamil Nadu. I strongly believe on the State Rights. And I strongly believe that, Center should be collation of state. I feel the current, NDA government is against this. Influence of the central government on the state rights is very high comparing to the UPA government. GST, NEET, Uday power, Hindi imposition on the non-Hindi speaking states are some of the biggest disturbance for the state rights. Especially, these are just against the state rights of Tamil Nadu. Although Tamil Nadu is the major contributor for the country, the state doesn’t get back anything. Not only Tamil Nadu, Even Andhra Pradesh is claiming the same. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is claiming for special status for AP. Almost all southern states are neglected by the central government. Although the 4 states in the south India are the major contributor, states are not getting back anything. May be it’s all because the magic number 272.
So victory of BJP from Southern part of the country will be very difficult. People are not ready to vote for BJP.
The number of violence against the minorities have terribly increased in the past 4 years. Hate speech, Violence in the name of “Nationalist”, Increase in the fringe elements are some of the biggest threat. During the UPA rule, everyone commented on Manmohan singh for his inablity to take bold actions. Since he was running a collation government, he was unable to take decision.
With absolute majority, Narendra Modi’s silence on violence and hate speech by the fringe elements is much dangerous than the silence of Manmohan Singh. Narendra Modi should control these things or else, he will see the consequences in 2019. Gujarat election result and Rajasthan By-election result is just an example for this.
Speech, Speech, Speech
Under UPA rule, everyone commented on the silence of Manmohan Singh. People felt that, Manmohan Singh was a puppet for the Nehru family and doesn’t take any action or comment on the hot issues. Everyone wanted a bold Prime Minister who can speak. So everyone wanted Narendra Modi as PM and voted for him in 2014. But what happened in this 4 year is completely opposite to UPA rule. Modi has gained an image that, he is keep on speaking but the results are empty.

In 2014, everyone felt that we got a PM who can speak. In 2018, everyone is feeling that our Prime Minister can only speak.
Blame, Blame, Blame
In 2014, people were frustrated about the Congress and really wanted a Savior for the country. People believed that, BJP and Modi will save the country from all the problems created by the UPA government. What happened in these 4 years is same as the UPA rule. Rather than solving the problem, problems got increased among the people. BJP and Modi are not taking initiatives to solve the problem. Especially with the status of Kashmir, Job creation and Black money, Modi government terribly failed. Rather than rectification, Modi is playing the usual Blame game. Modi should understand the fact, he has been elected to solve the problem and not to blame Congress for each and everything. 
So these are some of the reason on why people thinking whether to vote for Modi or not..

Moreover, Modi is not Modi without the number 272. Modi and BJP need some changes. Someone should control them. Absolute majority is making them to act as if nothing can be done against them. This trend has to be changed. I wish, BJP should form the government in 2019 without majority. Probably that will reduce their mistakes. And in 2019, I wish the central government should be the combination of the states.
We terribly need, bottom-up federal system for country rather than Top-down approach.

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