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ஞாயிறு, 18 மார்ச், 2018

Dravida Naadu!

Often, I use to encounter some serious question in Quora. Below was one such question and my reply for the same.

Wrong Question

When I read the above question, I was seriously laughing and I have a reason for my laugh.

Before answering it briefly, let me clarify 3 major points
  1. Mr. M.K.Stalin did not ask for a separate country for Tamil Nadu.
  2. Mr.M.K. Stalin quoted that, if people arise “Dravida Naadu”, he will support them. And he is asking for it.
  3. “Dravida Naadu” is a union of 6 southern states.

What is Dravida Naadu?

It was not Mr. M.K.Stalin, who is proposing the concept of Dravida Naadu. It was former CM of Tamil Nadu and Dravidian leader, peraringar Annadurai who proposed Dravida Naadu in late 1960s and dropped the plan. The actual reason behind the Dravida Naadu is, to get more rights for the state and a state can act independently. Just like the way, the states in the United States of America is functioning.
And, Dravida Naadu is not just a separate nation for the state of Tamil Nadu. It's not a plan for just one state. It comprises of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh (Integrated) and Puthcheri. It's just like a union of government.

Why Dravida Naadu now?

Recently, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu came out of the NDA government with the claim that Government of India is not ready to give the special status for the state of Andhra Pradesh which was deeply affected during division. He also quoted that, NDA government collects the tax from the south and developing the northern states by neglecting the southern states. He simply quoted,

“Tax for South, Development for North”

He made a perfect statement at the perfect time. Seriously, NDA government has completely neglected southern states. No major development in southern states for the past 4 years but the 6 states are the major contributor for the GDP of the country.
Following CBN, Mr. Siddaramaiah from the Karnataka also claimed the same. He wrote a beautiful post in Facebook on what is the exact stand of KA on this. Being a member of National Party, it is really bold stand by him on protecting the state rights. Claiming for more rights and reclaiming of the state rights is the major points discussed by him. Even, Kerala raised the same concept when the government of India brought beef ban.
Both Naidu and Siddaramaiah, indirectly claimed the concept of Dravida Naadu. The statement quoted by CBN was already quoted by our leader Annadurai(below picture), that
“வடக்கே வாழ்கிறது தெற்கே தேய்கிறது”

Which means, North is living and South is drowning.

And on the top of CBN and Siddaramaiah, reporters asked Mr. Stalin on whether he will support Dravida Naadu or not. He perfectly replied that, he ‘will support if people rise Dravida Naadu issue'.
Yes, along with Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu is also deeply affected by the programs initiated by NDA government. With respect to NEET, Udai and GST, Tamil Nadu h terribly lost it's ground. Unfortunately we have a spineless government in our state, which is not ready to ask our rights. It’s a puppet government of BJP. But as a true opposition leader, Mr. Stalin is rising the voice for the state rights continuously. Not only Mr. Stalin, right from the days of Periaringar Anna this is in discussion. Even Mr. Karunanidhi, formed a commission with Rajamannar as head and proposed various points on how a state center relationship should be.

Hindi Imposition

Another major reason on why these kind of discussion is very high now is, NDA government policy of promoting the language Hindi. South Indians are not against Hindi. We don't hate Hindi. Moreover we love the language Hindi. But we are strongly against the imposition of Hindi in our states. Moreover, everyone should understand the fact that Hindi is not the national language. India doesn't have any national language. But promoting and inducing Hindi in our state is the major reason behind the cliam of Dravida Naadu. And I still wonder on, why don't the government of India cherish the difference in us. Why NDA government force people to know one language?. Even this has been quoted by our former leader in 1960s, below is his claim.

I am really happy that our leaders were pioneer in claiming the state rights and fought against the center, for the state irrespective of the government in the center. Nearly after 50+ years, our fellow states are realizing the importance of state rights. And it's not, that southern states are asking for separate nation. Southern states are asking for more power and rights. And also to, develop Northern states with the revenue from the north and not by stopping the growth of Southern states and feeding the north.
By the way, we always welcome our brothers and sisters from other states for education , health care and job. All I request them is to preach their leaders on how good and peaceful our state is. And also they should say on, how safe they are in our state and how we respect them in our state.

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