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திங்கள், 19 மார்ச், 2018

Andhra Mess

I have been asked to answer on what is the most Telugu thing ever. One thing that immediately came to my mind was food and Andhra Mess. Below is my detailed reply for that...

Andhra Mess!

As an outsider of Andhra Pradesh, the most Telugu thing which I observe is food. Yes, their love for spicy food is the most Telugu thing I have seen. I neither belong to Andhr Pradesh or I speak Telugu. But I have huge respect for the people of Andhra Pradesh. This answer is my personal experience with Andhra Mess.

My native is Madurai, Tamil Nadu and I am living in Chennai for the past 5+ years. My association with deep core Telugu people started after coming to Chennai. My first friend from Andhra Pradesh is, nearby Andhra Mess's owner and the server in that mess.

Although I don't live near to that mess now, I still prefer having food in Andhra Mess which is located across the city. One can find Andhra Mess in each and every area of Chennai. And I am having food in different Andhra Mess for the past 5+ years.
In all the Andhra Mess, all I could see was a big heart owners with love for spicy food. I have never seen any sort of hesitation in the face of owner or server, when someone ask food more than the usual quantity. They don't care about the quantity of the food that is being served. They always give importance to the satisfaction of their customer. And most of them think that, serving food is their blessings. Of course, I have not seen this kind of gesture from any other state people who are running hotel.

Love you annay(s) for your big heart in serving food.

Note: Andhra Mess are heaven for Job seekers and Singles in the city of Chennai. Without them, many might live a hunger life.

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