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சனி, 24 மார்ச், 2018

Marathi Vs Tamil

Whenever the word development is used, most of them will use certain complex terms such as GDP, Per capital income. most of them may not know what exactly it means, but still write it. I don't know all these things, so let me not take that as a parameter to compare the development of both the state. Let me compare the development made on language, between the two States.

Tamil is the official and native language of Tamil Nadu and Marathi is the native language of Maharashtra. But most of us in Tamil Nadu and other southern states, we believe that most of them in MH will speak Hindi. Majority of the peole doesn't know that, Marathi is the native language of MH.
Even the CM of MH and other officials of MH are sharing the details in Hindi, but not in the native language Marathi. Below is the latest share from the CM of MH.

And of course, MH government has come to a stage that they are going to give subsidy for the movies taken in Marathi language.

I heard from one of my friend that, they terribly miss the movies in their own Marathi language. They have a strong feeling that, it's all because of Bollywood domination made the Marathi movies at this stage.

On other hand, if you take Tamil Nadu, it is far better than MH in terms of development of language. Almost every official in our state will speak and convey in the native language Tamil. Tamil Nadu produces more than 100+ movies per years and of course Chennai is the seocnd big city in the country for film making.
Government of Tamil Nadu had never compromised with the language and even the Tamil people living outside Tamil had never compromised on the language. As a result of the development, Tamil is going to have a chair in the Harvard University. Tamil people and government of Tamil had contributed on this.

Of course, it has been declared as the classical language by India.

I strongly believe that, even Marathi should have reached heights. But it didn't happen is my worry. And whenever the term we see the word development, we always see restrict ourselves with money oriented stuffs. The actual development should be, inclusive development. May be economically, MH will be developed than TN. But Tamil Nadu is far ahead in inclusive development and social Engineering than MH.

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