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செவ்வாய், 20 மார்ச், 2018

Right Politics Vs Left Politics

Although there many problem in our country (India), the two reason for the majority of the problem is the clash between the left and right thoughts. Left is more lenient towards the socialism and right wing is just opposite to it.

The biggest mystery of Left and Right wing is, they don’t understand the fact that they cannot do anything without the help of other wing. They terribly fail to understand the fact that, world is the mixture of both left and right. Complete left thought will reduce the growth and complete right thought will reduce the affordablity of the marginalized section. The combination of both, will solve the entire problem. But unfortunately, both will never accept.

And I strongly believe that, India’s strength is being mixture of both. As I believe on mixture of both, all my perspective will have the idea of both left and right. My recent book “Being Center” is also the collection of few Political events across the country with center view.

This book was published in Amazon Kindle direct publishing. This book has both Kindle version and Paper back. You can download or order the book from the below link.

Being Center

Your suggestion and feedback on the same is welcome. This will help me to enhance myself in next book

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