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சனி, 31 மார்ச், 2018

Why TN hate Modi?

In 2014, Prime Minister Modi had pan India attention and people called that as Modi wave. Jayalalithaa and Mamata was the two strong factor who stopped Modi wave in the country. Although Jayalalithaa stopped Modi wave in Tamil Nadu, he had good name. At least, people of Tamil Nadu didn't hate him. Of course, people voted for Jayalalithaa.

Narendra Modi hate and BJP hate got increased only after the death of Jayalalithaa. Tamil Nadu didn't join the intolerance and antinational gang, till Jayalalithaa was alive. But what had happened and what is happening after the death of Jayalalithaa was complete mess.


After the death of Jayalalithaa, it was complete mess in the state. Most of the mess is all because of BJP and ignorance of BJP government. BJP is terribly using the ADMK government as puppet and utilizing it very well. Pathetically, we are having a shameless government in our state where the rulers have no guts in raising words against BJP. Although there are many things against the state, rulers are not questioning the Central government as they are corrupt to the core. Using this as the lock, BJP government is using the ADMK government in the state. It's a kind of mutual understanding between the both and people are made jokers.
Narendra Modi is proud that his government didn't involve in corruption for the past 4 years. Good. But, no action against the corruption and watching the corruption in the state government is also a corruption.


Although demonetization was the biggest diaster for the entire country, it was the extreme infinite diaster for the state of Tamil Nadu. Varda cyclone terribly attached Chennai and made the things complete worse. People suffered like anything during the demonetization for the exchange of old notes with new notes. People stood in long queue for the exchange of the notes. But unfortunately no politican or actor was found in the queue. News also revealed that, Sekar Reddy(major contractor) was caught with many 2000rs note. But still no action was taken against them. Although it completely eradicated the fake currency, it terribly failed to eradicate black money. It was said that, DeMo was implemented to improve the digital transaction and reduce the cash in the society. But now, almost all the notes are now in society. Out of 3, Modi government terribly failed in 2. 2014 common Man Modi made people to suffer during DeMo.

Hate Speech:

After the death of Jayalalithaa, Hate speech by the state BJP leaders increased day by day. Especially, H.Raja from Tamil Made many things worse. His hate speech and tweets are the biggest reason for damaging BJP and Narendra Modi in the state.

People can type H Raja and Tamil Nadu in Google search and know what are the extreme hate speech spread by them. Even after many hate speech, Narendra Modi doesn't take any action against them. It is very clear that, Narendra Modi doesn't care about all these things and encourage hate speech.


Tamil Nadu has abolished entrance exam long back. Admission for medical college and Engineering college was based on the mark secured in the higher secondary exam. In order to make higher education affordable and accessible for everyone, entrance exams were abolished. But government of India has brought back entrance exam to the state in the form of NEET. TN government has asked for exemption from the NEET exam. BJP leaders have promised for the exemption in the exam. Even state government has passed resolution on the same and sent it to Central government. Smt. Nirmala Sithraman has said that, she doesn't know where the file is. Sheer arrogance of Modi government has killed a young bright girl Anitha and stopped her becoming as Doctor. She had secured 195+ cut off and she was eligible candidate to become doctor. Sheer arrogance. Nothing more than that.


Tamil Nadu is one of the leading manufacturing state in our country. TN was against GST right from the day, when Narendra Modi government trying to implement it. Although it was not initiated by him, the hasty implementation after the demonetization has terribly affected the small and medium sized traders to the core. Even after the implementation, Tamil Nadu doesn't get the right share. The most pathetic thing is, Tamil Nadu doesn't get back on what it gives to the nation.

Cauvery Issue:

Supreme Court of India had clearly passed a judgment that, Central government should form Cauvery management board in 6 weeks and solve the Cauvery issue. With the eye of Karnataka poll, Narendra Modi government terribly failed to form the Cauvery Management board. Not now, even after 50 years people will not accept the injustice done by Modi government to Tamil Nadu.

Hindi Imposition:

BJP's policy of imposing Hindi in the state of Tamil Nadu is another reason for BJP and Narendra Modi hate in the state. Tamil is the oldest language in the country. We don't expect anything other than respect for our language. Of course, funds for cultural importance project like Keezhadi excavation.

Finance Commission:

Narendra Modi government is now trying to implement the next finance commission with the 2011 census. It will be the biggest set back for the southern states. Southern states have initiated many social justice program and initiated many schemes. As the result of the schemes implemented, southern states were successful in population control. Finance commission based upon 2011 census will be the biggest punishment for the southern states. If the finance commission has been initiated based on 2011 census, Tamil Nadu will get very less fund. Even now, Tamil Nadu doesn't get back much. This will damage the state further.

These are some of the reason, on why People of Tamil Nadu hate Narendra Modi and BJP.

I have narrated few things without any Political thought in mind. And I left it to the readers on, whether the hate of Modi in Tamil Nadu is okay or not okay.

Narendra Modi needs Tamil Nadu for its wealth as he has two wonderful puppets who will allow him to acquire anything and everything from the state.

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