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சனி, 7 ஏப்ரல், 2018

Height of Indian Hypocrisy

Indian Judiciary!
When it comes to Indian hypocrisy, my thoughts went to Indian Judiciary. Let me share one popular incident on the same,


Disproportionate assets case was filed against Jayalalithaa and co in 1996. After 2 decades, she was convicted by the Banglore session court by Justice Michael D Cunha.
She appealed in Karnataka High court. Justice Kumarasamy purposefully made a mathematical error and acquitted her.

Justice Chelameswar
DMK and others appealed in supreme court on the same case. Supreme court cancelled the orders of Karnataka High court and said session court conviction will be valid.
These appeal and conviction process took place for almost 3 years and in that 3 years,
  1. Jayalalithaa became MLA and CM again
  2. Jayalalithaa contested in general election, with thin majority she became CM.
  3. Jayalalithaa died with clean image (supreme Court didn't pronounce it's Verdict).
  4. A2 of the case, Sasikala became Party chief and tried to become CM of Tamil Nadu.

Question(s) in my mind was,
  1. Justice should be same across the country. How come it differ from Court to court.? That too within the state.
  2. Why should Supreme court delay the case, when lower court made detailed investigation for 20+ years and pronounced it's Verdict.?

Even Justice Chelameswar had questioned on the same. If there was transparency in Judiciary, History of Tamil Nadu might be different. There are lot of possible ways, that might have happened. Tamil Nadu might not have locked in hell, under the rule of EPS.

My fight is for transparency, says Justice Chelameswar


Indian Judiciary = Indian Hypocrisy

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