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வியாழன், 28 ஜூன், 2018

Puppets of Tamil Nadu

There was a country with one male king and female king. Male King protected the country from the enemy king. Female king protected the country for namesake and had a strong bong with enemy king to defeat the Male king. She took the support of enemy king and defeated the male king. Even the enemy king wanted to defeat the male king, as it will be easy for him to acquire the wealth of the country. And enemy king knew that female king is also dangerous. So he killed the female king after winning the male king and made two servants as king. Male king became silent because of the old age.

Servants didn't know what to do, as they were salves of female king. Via the servant kings, enemy decided to acquire the wealth of the country. As they were servants for life time, they couldn't do anything against the enemy king. People protested against the enemy king, without considering the servants. After losing too many life, people realized that we need a strong king to protect the country from the enemy king. They clearly understood that, the problem is not with the enemy king and it is with the servant king. People are waiting to throw these servants and protect from the enemy king. Till this happens, people will continue to protest and die.

Moral: Solving multiple smaller problems will help you to solve a large problem. Give attention to smaller problems, which will automatically make you to solve a large problem.

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