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புதன், 4 ஜூலை, 2018


Recently, I posted the link of TrickyChat in my Facebook account. Received numerous message from people. Below is one such message which made me laugh,

Be careful while using the words "Legend" and "Inspiration". Most of them are nothing, if we remove their father name or organization name. Since inspiration has become commonly used word, we can go ahead and add one word "Influencer". People who tempt you to do something via their WORK is influencer. People can motivate you via speech, but influence only via action. So not all people who inspire you  will influence you. Moreover, legend is someone who has did a remarkable achievement and left a legacy behind. Person should be at least above 40+.

Yes, I know someone has trolled me. Still wanna convey this thought. Click the link and say me something more #ThoughtfulThursday
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