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வியாழன், 29 நவம்பர், 2018

Why India is so disgusting?

There are many reason why India is so disgusting. But one major and recent reason is, the Statue of Unity. Yes, you read it right.
The amount spent on building statue of Unity is, Rs 2989 crores.

When Kerala was deeply affected by Flood, Government of India gave just 100 cr for the flood relief as initial amount and later gave 600 cr. But Kerala government had asked 4k Cr+. Without begging from government of India, Kerala government collected money from people and started rebuilding Kerala. Just look at the priority and importance, what Government of India is giving.

And by the way, Mr. Yogi adithanath is trying to build a tallest Ram statue in UP. The state that is backward in education and healthcare

So now, let me ask you people

“Is India not so disgusting?”

By the way, there is a section of people in India, who think themselves as true nationlist and coin people as Anti National, when such questions were raised.

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