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ஞாயிறு, 30 டிசம்பர், 2018

Too much of Automation is not Good!

In Information and Technology, most of the time people will always try to re-invent the wheel in the name of Cost cutting. And it is always popularly called as "Migration project". Most of the IT engineers will work on the migration project that is, migrating the existing environment to a low cost or zero cost environment. Even I was a part of such project during my Internship. I was involved in migration of proprietary performance testing frame to open source performance testing framework. The motive of that migration was very simple and it is none other than "Cost cutting".

But what is happening now in the industry in the name of "Cost cutting" is quite dangerous. Industry is trying to move towards zero engineer environment by introducing zero touch automation. Although zero touch automation has been incorporated in the low level or less priority task, it is quite dangerous for the Industry. Because most of the companies are reducing the man power in the organization by implementing zero touch automation. And of course, people are using the same concept of "Cost cutting" for this. This is dangerous.

Reducing the man power by implementing zero touch automation is very dangerous. People will realize this danger only when the bots go out of the control and there will no one to control it. Although it is said that, to meet the skill demand, automation is being introduced. But automation is not solution for meeting the demand of skilled resource. Re-skilling and up-skilling will be the finest solution to decrease the demand of skilled resource.

Automation should be used to meet the demand and not create a demand for skilled human resource.

Automation should not be used for eliminating the human resource in the organization. Rather, it should be used as additional resource in the organization. Automation should help and share the work load of the human engineers and not replace them. Too much of Anything is not good and too much of automation is also not good for the industry and mankind.

Disclaimer: This article is no way related to the organization in which I am working. Reach me via my email id, to have a discussion on this topic.


Praveen Kumar Rajendran
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