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செவ்வாய், 5 பிப்ரவரி, 2019

How many seats do you think the BJP will win in your state?

I have been asked to answer this question in Quora. And my reply was,
Number of Seats BJP will win in my state: Zero(0)
State: Tamil Nadu.
  • Indirectly ruling the state for the past 3 years via Governor and thereby destroying the federal structure.
  • Destroying the state for the past 3 years by allowing the two puppet rulers to rule the state. PM Modi acted as Political Broker for the state.
  • Continuous hate speech and propaganda by the local BJP leaders.
  • Hindi Imposition.
  • Indirectly supporting all the corruption by the ADMK government by not taking any action against them. No action against corruption is also a form of corruption.
  • Destroyed the dreams of students by imposing NEET exam.
  • Didn't help the state during the crisis.
  • Improper implementation of GST and spoiling the small and medium size business.
  • Indirectly involved in the shooting of 13 people during the protest against the Sterlite industry. Crony capitalism.
  • Above all, nature of the state is against the ideology of BJP and RSS

  • Now, the so called Corruption free BJP is trying to form alliance with Absolute Corrupt ADMK. So, the result is very simple. Anything that is multiplied with Zero will be Zero. So the result is Zero.

By the way, Tamil Nadu will always welcome Prime Minister Modi by world trending the Hashtag
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