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திங்கள், 14 ஜனவரி, 2019

Why do the Tamil people not speak Hindi?

I have been always asked to answer question on why people of Tamil Nadu doesn't speak Hindi. One such question and my reply was below,

Why do the Tamil people not speak Hindi?

Far Away!
Since Hindi is far away, Tamil People couldn't speak Hindi.
Yes, Tamil Nadu is surrounded by the states like Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. People of Kerala speak malayalam, people of Karnataka speak Kannada and people of Andhra Pradesh speak Telugu.

Most of the people in Tamil Nadu doesn't know which state in India speak Hindi. Because most of the state in India has their(Mahrashtra - Marathi, West Bengal - Bangla, Punjab - Punjabi) own language. Probably UP and MP are the two states which speak Hindi. Since UP and MP are far away from Tamil Nadu, most of the Tamil people doesn't speak Hindi. Since Andhra, Kerala and Karanataka are closer, people speak their language easily than Hindi.

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