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வியாழன், 6 ஜூன், 2019

Why Tamil Nadu is against 3 language policy?

The new education policy(draft) 2019 presented by Kasthurirangan said that(Before June 3rd 2019),

“Non-Hindi speaking states will have Hindi as their 3rd language. Hindi speaking states will have a choice to choose any Modern Indian language as 3rd language”

After June 3rd 2019, the draft says

“Non-Hindi speaking states will have choice to choose any Modern Indian language as their 3rd language”

Able to find the difference between the before June 3rd draft and after June 3rd draft?.

It was clear that, “Non - Hindi speaking states will have no choice on what language they should learn and Hindi speaking states will have choice to learn whatever they want”. Is it not a brutal attack on the people of Non-Hindi speaking states?. Giving choice to one set of people and not giving choice to another set of people is a clear arrogance towards one set of people. It’s a clear compulsion and that’s the reason why people of Tamil Nadu was against this draft.

2 Language Policy:

From the new education policy one can clearly understand that, Government of India is terribly looking for change from 2 language policy to 3 language policy. And it is trying to cover the hidden agenda of imposing the 3rd language as Hindi in the non- Hindi speaking states. Moreover, 3 language policy will confuse the students and they will not be strong in anyone. It is just simply like, adding an unwanted dish in the plate and distracting the essential one. 

When the similar kind of issue was raised during the early 1960s, Peraringar Anna and Tamil Nadu gave a wonderful direction to the entire nation. When there was a debate in the Indian parliament on making Hindi as the link language, Peraringar Annadurai gave a wonderful and meaningful reply. He just said,

It is because of Peraringar Anna and Tamil Nadu, English stayed in India. It's all because of Annadurai's effort, English became the co-official language along with Hindi as the official language of the country. And the assurance was given in the parliament that, English will continue as co-official language as long as non-Hindi speaking states wish to have English as link language. Since English stayed back in India, Indians were able to become global citizens. We have seen lot of benefit on English staying in India. Why do we need a change in that? Will it not affect the growth of our country in the future?. Adding one more language will disturb the two language and will reduce the competition of Indians in the global market. We should understand that, English is one of the reason why India is IT giant and Indians are most wanted in the global market. 

Mother Tongue + One global language will really benefit everyone to succeed in the global market. If someone is really interested, they can add any language to the list. But compelling everyone is just a destruction. Moreover, this will lead to the brutal destruction of the diverse Indian languages. India is beautiful with multiple languages. Imposing on language and destructing the other is, just destroying the real beauty of the country. 

The real of beauty of India is diversity. Let's celebrate the diversity of the country and celebrate all our languages. 

Note: One should clearly understand that, India doesn't have national language. Hindi and English are the two official language. People of Tamil Nadu are not against Hindi or Hindi Speaking people. Hindi speaking friends who are living in Tamil Nadu are the brand ambassadors of our love and respect towards diversity. We just hate some narrow politicians who divide people and do language politics. 

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