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திங்கள், 5 ஆகஸ்ட், 2019

Article 370 - Kashmir - Tamil Nadu

Question: You are living in Tamil Nadu. Kashmir is far away from TN. Why do you bother?

Good question. Kashmir is far away from Tamil Nadu, but always close to TN in terms of federalism and statehood. And what had happened to Kashmir is unethical and unconstitutional. There was government in the state elected by the people. It was dissolved. President rule was imposed for several months. Meanwhile, troops were increased in the state. 144 has been imposed. Internet was made down. State leaders were kept in house arrest. Suddenly a man appears on the TV and says, the state will be divided into 2 pieces. People's opinion were not heard. Communication was muted and Democracy was killed brutally. This has happened to Kashmir and it may happen to any state in the country. It's all because, BJP has absolute majority.

Congress did the same to Andhra Pradesh and became Zero. Because Congress terribly failed to listen to the voice of the people. BJP is doing the same for Kashmir. Time will teach the same lesson to BJP for not listening to the people of Kashmir.

Few are thinking that, abolishing article 370 of the constitution will bring peace and harmony in the state of Kashmir. If that happens, I will be very happy on that. But I am confident that, abolishing of article 370 will open the doors for the big corporates like Ambani and Adani to scrap the wealth of Kashmir. Certainly they will buy Kashmir inch by inch is the truth. There is no Hindu or Muslim stuff here. It's a pure business move. Modi and Shah is again favoring the people who donated them.

Many from the rest of the India are celebrating this murder of democracy, as their dream come true. Celebrate as long as you wish. Enjoy. Smile. Laugh. But lend your ears to the people of the land too. Kashmiris are wonderful human beings. Kashmir is a heaven on Earth. Hope it remains as heaven than hell.

Prayers for peace and prosperity of the great land Kashmir.
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