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வியாழன், 12 செப்டம்பர், 2019

Hindi Imposition

Hindi imposition is real and it's not hoax spread by Dravidian parties. And let me share a picture from the recent Tamil news paper,

This is from the advertisement given by government of India in a Tamil news paper. And what was written in the picture was direct Tamil Translation of Hindi words. It's just smilar to direct English translation of Hindi words.

Example: “Thumara naam kiya hai”

I would like to comment few things on this advertisement.
  1. This advertisement was by government of India to all the people in the country. It doesn't belong one section of people.
  2. What stops the government to give a proper translation of words in the regional language when the advertisement was given in regional news paper?
  3. It is an insult to both Hindi and Tamil. Government should have either gone for Hindi words or Tamil words. Merging both is pathetic.
  4. This advertisement is a shit and it will not deliver the message to majority of the people. Government has simply wasted tax payers money in giving advertisement to people, which cannot be understood by majority of the people.
  5. Just imagine, what if I have written Tamil words in Hindi?. Will it not hurt you?. Well, it hurt us.
  6. Doing these kind of thing is making things worse than ever. No, you cannot force people to learn or adopt something. It should come automatically.
  7. Hindi Imposition is real and Dravidian parties(Only DMK and MDMK) is against these kind of activities.
  8. If you don't like us, it's okay. But don't always trigger us or disturb us. We have many things to do than always raising voice against the nonsense activities.
  9. Not only Tamil Nadu, few other states such as Odisha, West Bengal are against the Imposition of Hindi.

Last but not least, all I would like to convey one thing is

We love Tamil. But that doesn't meant that, we hate Hindi or any other language.

Stop Imposing your language on us.
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