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சனி, 8 அக்டோபர், 2016

Which IAS officer Inspired you the most and Why?

Dear Friends,

Few days back, I was asked to answer the above question(Title) on Quora. I am sharing the same answer via my blog. 

U. Sagayam

U. Sagayam is an IAS Officer from the state of Tamil Nadu. Sagayam is known for his simplicity, straightforwardness. I have not heard about U.Sagayam before he became the collector of Madurai in the year 2011. He was appointed as Madurai Collector in the same year by the Election Commission, during the 2011 State assembly election. Since Madurai was considered the most sensational district, Election commission made Mr. U. Sagayam IAS as the collector and Mr. Ansul Misra as the Madurai Police Commissioner.

People’s Trust

Before the assembly election, Madurai district faced 3 bi-election. All the 3 bi-election was considered as the most costliest election in the history of Indian Election. In all the 3 bi-election, ruling party won with power and money as the mandate. These bi-elections made the entire state to loose their trust on democracy and election. But This combination of straight forward officers(IAS and IPS) changed the dimension of Madurai during the assembly election as well after the election. U. Sagayam and Ansul Misra assured free and fair election in the district and got the trust of the people.

Corruption Free

Mr. U. Sagayam is known for his corruption free and straight forward career. 20 transfers across the statement and across various department can be shown as a proof for his straight forwardness and corruption free career. He has inspired the people of Tamil Nadu, especially with this gesture towards bribery and corruption. You can the motto of his life in the below picture. Which reads “லஞ்சம் தவிர்த்து நெஞ்சம் நிமிர்த்து”, which means avoid bribery and chest yourself.


One of the recent transfer for Mr. Sagayam was to take care the Co-optex, Tamil Nadu Hand loom Weavers Society. Co-optex was once considered as the common man store in the state of the Tamil Nadu, which satisfied the clothing needs of the common man in the state. For a long period of time, Co-optex was in a great loss and it has lost its value among the common man. At the very worst situation, Mr. Sagayam was transferred to this department. As the managing director of Co-optex, he took lot of initiatives and made Co-optex to yearn profit. Success of this profit was very simple. He eliminated corruption.


Madurai and its surroundings had lot of granite resources and granite quarries. While he was the Collector of he took lot of initiates to find the wrong practices and corruption with practices in these quarries. Madras High court appointed Mr. Sagayam as special officer to investigate the granite scam in the state. He faced lot of hurdles during the investigation. But he didn’t care about those hurdles. Even though he had lot of political pressure for this investigation, he didn’t step back. He stood firm in his investigation and submitted a report to the high court.

Below is the picture taken during his investigation, where local police didn’t co-operate for the investigation at one particular site which had some evidence. He didn’t mind to stay there entire night and collected the evidence what he wanted.

I have just shared few things which I knew about Mr. U. Sagayam. 

Please read more about Mr. U. Sagayam via google search.

Mr. U. Sagayam is truly a Legend and hero of our State. We are proud about you sir. We are proud to have such officer in our state.

Salute to Mr. Sagayam IAS :)

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