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வியாழன், 13 அக்டோபர், 2016

How does it feel to be jobless even after having graduated from top institutes of India?

Dear Friends,

I am sharing my answer for the question "How does it feel to be jobless even after having graduated from top institutes of India?" in Quora in this post. You can read my original post from the below link

Below is my answer for the question.

One question, which I have been waiting for years :D
Being Jobless is one of the worst situation in India, that too being Jobless after Engineering is considered as the biggest Crime in India. Since I am an Engineer who was jobless for few months, I would like to share my experience in Engineer’s perspective.
The first and foremost danger which every Jobless engineer has to face in India is
“Relatives” FeelRelatives will make the feel of Jobless as worst ever with their dirty advice and examples. If that relatives have Son/Daughter with the Job, then condition is still worse. That Son/Daughter might have entered into a job, where the company was left with no choices. Still, those mourns will see the jobless people as orphans and refugees. It really sucks. If anyone is in that situation, please take that mourns separately and show your middle finger. Or else this shit activities will continue.
Society” Feel. If relatives are the first danger, Society is the ever green danger for the jobless engineers. Right from the person who serve milk to house till the watch man of company, people will look the jobless engineers as the biggest sinners. People will look the jobless engineers as the endangered species and will start giving advice about Job, career etc. People whom we look will give some useless references for the job. Unfortunately at many situation, people will take the Jobless engineers as example for their kids and advice them not to be in such situation in future.
Listening to all such thing is worst than being Jobless.!!
“Placed” feel. Placement is considered as the biggest event in the Engineering colleges in where company people will conduct some interviews in the name of Campus Recruitment. The best thing in the campus Interview will be
That one guy/girl whom everyone will think get placed, will be left without offer.
Yes. I was in that situation during my under graduation. Everyone said, that I will be getting placed in some X company. Since I suck in mathematics, I couldn’t even clear the first round of the interview. The most irritating thing was, the guys and girls whom people considered as dump was with offer letter in hand. These campus interviews really sucks at many situation. Later such campus interview only gave me offer letter during post graduation.
The feel while seeing the placed mourns waiting for the DOJ and me being Jobless was the worst feel.
“Interview” Feel. Almost many engineers will get graduation from the college without Job. All their hope would be off campus drives and walk in interviews. The best thing that will happen while attending such Off campus drives or walk in interviews will be,INTERVIEW FRIENDS. Attending too many interviews will make people to see same people again and again which will lead to JOBLESS JOB SEARCH FRIENDS. Believe it or not, it will be an awesome feel to see and have such friends during the period of Jobless.
These Interview friends will share you the details of the interview/walk in rather than so called best friend from College.
This friendship will make the period of Jobless, so special.
This will also be the worst, when you’re interview friend got offer and you didn’t get the offer.
“Skill” Feel. Skill feel is something which is considered as the worst during the period of Jobless. Wherever you go, people will start the interview process with Aptitude exam. People like me who suck in mathematics skill, will consider this as the biggest enemy. At times miracle would happen and make people like me to clear this first round. Mostly second round would be face to face interview, where technical skill and communication skill will be tested. Your area of interest would be Cricket, but the interviewer will know everything other than cricket. Unfortunately, you will not know anything other than cricket. At the end of the second round, interviewer will say the following sentence which will never happen.
“We will get back to you shortly”
Lessons I learn’t during the jobless period were plenty. The only hope and support, I had with me was my Parents. They believed in me and my skills. Later part of my life, I acknowledged their belief with a job.
I didn’t study in big institution. Yet, I studied everything with intuition. Which made me to get offer letter from one of the biggest service based company in India.
Where you study doesn’t matters, what you study matters.
Have this as mantra. One day, you also will write answer for such question with job in hands.
Thanks for reading my answer.
Note: I considered advice as shits, but it was sweet. Kindly please consider this answer as sweet shit. Lolz :) :D
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