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ஞாயிறு, 16 அக்டோபர், 2016

What were the best things you learned on your first job?

Dear Readers,
I had shared my first Job experience in Quora as an answer for the question "What were the best things you have learned on your first job?". You can read the original answer from the below link.
Although there are 100+ wonderful answers for this question, I am humbled to share the things which I learned on my first Job. My first job was an Internship at one private software company in Chennai. These are the things I learn’t from my first job.
Corporate Values
I studied in a college which was located in the rural area of the state. I didn’t have much exposure or awareness on how IT company or a corporate will function. The first and foremost lesson which I learnt from my first job was, Calling by Name. Initially I started calling people as Sir and Madam. But my team mates said that, I should and I can call anyone in the office with their first name. This is one of the beautiful thing in corporate, especially in IT companies. You can call anyone by their first name. Apart from learning about Calling by Name, I learn’t what is equality all about. At least for this reason, I feel proud to be an employee of an IT company.
Above and Beyond
During my Internship, I was working for a Migration project. The task which was assigned to me during my initial days were very simple. I need to read Shell Scripting and learn the basics of the tools. People expected a lot from me, as I impressed them during the interview process. Since I was new to the corporate world and new to such free environment, I didn’t take much effort to impress my lead and other team members. Finally this was the reason for which my employment was not continued. The lesson which I learn’t from my first experience is,
People are looking for something above and beyond from the fresh graduates.
Yes, you cannot skip or you cannot neglect politics in the corporate world.
Even though you have equality in corporate, you will have politics too. As I said, I was in an migration project. Initially I was reporting to a manager(My uncle), who was very much interested in the migration project. But my team members where not ready for the migration process. After two months, my manager got promotion and a new manager was allocated to my team. My new manager was assigned dual role and he was not aware about the migration project. Hence I have been asked to report everything to one of my team lead, who was not interested in the migration project. During my confirmation, my team mates were not ready to continue my internship program as they don’t like the project. Hence they intimated my new manager that I was not up to the mark. It was really a bad situation for me. Even my old manager(uncle) was not ready to support me. Poor politics from the team members made me to loose my first job in 5 months.
Culture and Values
Beyond my project, politics and other technical stuffs, I learn’t the culture that is being followed in the corporate. What is a team, who is team lead, who is project lead, what is the role of Manager, who is CEO etc., are the basic stuff I learn’t during my first job. It was an product based company with head quarter in New York. I learn’t the working style and process that is being followed in the product based company. Later I realized the value of working in a product based company, when I shifted to work for service based company.
When I was doing my graduation, I had good conduct and contact with my professors and others. I continued the same in my first job. I maintained a good contact with all the employees during my first job. Since my first job was not that fruitful, I didn’t maintain contact with few people. But later, contact from my first job helped me during my next job. All I learn’t from my first job was, maintain good contact with your peers. One day it will be useful.
Biggest Mistake(s)
There are few biggest mistakes I committed and learn’t from my first job. Below are the ones which helped me in the future.
  1. Boozing: During new year event, I was offered a drink. I was compelled by my team mates to booze. I convinced myself and boozed during the event. I consider that as one of the biggest mistake(s). I felt as a entry level engineer, I should not have did that.
  2. Mail : Office mail should be used only for official purpose. Office mail should not be used for sending resume and should not be used for chatting. Sending mails to other domains should be strictly avoided. But during my first Job, I did all the above. Accepted and learn’t from my mistake.
  3. Fact: Actually I was refereed by my Uncle for my first job. He was in the management position(Director), when I was doing my internship. I thought I can do whatever I want and he would help me. But unfortunately he didn’t help me and taught me a wonderful lesson that
Reference is not recommendation
These were the biggest mistakes of my first job.
I strongly believe in the below quote,
I learn’t from my mistakes and I didn’t repeat it. The lesson which my mistakes taught me was very special to me.
I realized that I lost a wonderful opportunity. But I didn’t give up. As I said, I learn’t from my mistakes. I worked with the passion to get something bigger than my first Job.
Finally, I landed up with a job from a big company with big opportunities.
Yet, my first job is still special for me.

(Mistakes are to learn, not to repeat)
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