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செவ்வாய், 18 அக்டோபர், 2016

What must a wife know?

Dear Readers,
I had shared an answer for the question "What must a wife know?" in Quora. You can read the original answer from the below link.

Love the uniqueness of you’re guy. Even if that uniqueness is wrong, your love should and will change that. Never stop loving you’re guy for his uniqueness.
Understand and know that every guy in this world is unique.
Wife must know the hobbies of the guy. Every guy might have some wonderful hobbies as well as disastrous hobby. Accept the hobbies of your’re guy. If you don’t like any of his hobby, allow him to change. Don’t change your mind, before he changes the hobby.
Understand and know that hobbies cannot be changed that soon :)
Wife should understand that ego is the biggest enemy in an relationship. If you’re guy has ego, love him and not his ego. If he doesn’t wish you first, wish him first and make him feel guilty. If he doesn’t apologize, you apologize and make him feel guilty. A small plant can break the big rock. You’re small love can break the men’s egoistic nature.
Throw you’re feminism and understand(know) the men’s nature.
Wife should understand that we are living in present, to make the future beautiful. If you’re guy had a bad past. Make the(your) “present” beautiful. Burst you’re love, to make your guy accept your past. Even a hard rock heart will melt before a true love. Love you’re guy truly, in present.
Understand and know that Past is dead, Present is alive and Future is with us :)
Wife should be a best friend for a guy. Before marriage guy and gal can have any number of best friends. Wedding life would be wonderful, if they start the life as a friend and progress into relationship of best friends than best couples.
Understand and start you’re wedding life with a sweet friendship :)
Wife should know that guys also have wonderful taste. Guys also love shopping, gossiping, grooming,dressing, cooking, reading, writing, speaking, chatting, teasing etc.,
As a wife you should
Understand and know that guys will also do whatever the gals do.
Know the feelings of you’re guy. If he is up, be romantic with him. If he is down, be with him. If he has failed, understand his failure. If he is success, celebrate it. If needs space, create it with love.
If he needs something, be that something for him
Loved writing answer for this question.
Will continue writing answer for this question, whenever I wish, that something my future wife wants to know about me.
Good luck and Love

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