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புதன், 19 அக்டோபர், 2016

Whose resume is stronger, Dhoni's or Sachin's?

Dear Readers,
I had sharedan answer for the question "Whose resume is stronger, Dhoni's or Sachin's?" in Quora. You can read the original answer from the below link.

Dhoni Vs Sachin :)
First let me give some clear and valid points from their resume
Sachin had a long term career, spanning 2 decades with plenty of records. Sachin is a run machine. He has scored more than 20k runs in the International cricket. Sachin always topped the team with good average in all the forms of cricket. He has traveled all over the world and have the record of hitting century in all the countries he has traveled. Sachin is always considered as the best , when it comes to World cup tournament. He still a pioneer in many records. He is the first batsman to hit double century in One Day International Cricket.Although he has topped the class, he has failed to be a good captain. His performance and team’s performance got dipped, when he took over the captaincy. This is the only drawback which can be found in Sachin’s resume. He can proudly add the following line as the tag line
“Real Bharat Ratna”
Dhoni is a modern cricketer, with a career span of 10+ years. He is still active in International Career. He has good average in all the forms of cricket. Beyond his personal career, his contribution to the Indian team is significant. Patience, Powerful commanding skill, Decision making skill, Analytical skill and Leadership skill are the significant achievements of Dhoni’s resume. He can proudly add a tag line of
“Captain of World Cup Winning team”.
My view
It was in the year 2011, India lifted its 2nd world cup. I was staying in College Hostel and enjoyed the victory of Indian team in our hostel. Still it was considered as the best moment of my college life. I heard people shouting the names of Sachin and Dhoni continuously. At one point of time people started comparing Sachin and Dhoni. But later, when all the players took Sachin in their shoulders.
Everyone started shouting Sachin in a single voice.
Almost everyone in the crowd was born in 90s, in which Sachin was the predominant player for the country. Al most everyone in the country who was born in 90s will consider Sachin as a role model and of course everyone might have switched off the tv when Sachin left the 22 yards. Sachin is an inspiration for millions of Indians, especially who was born in 90s.
Dhoni isn’t less. But comparing Dhoni with Sachin is a big mistake. Sachin is the Lion and Dhoni is a cub. Is it fair to compare a Lion and the cub?
Yes Dhoni has brought World cup back to the nation after 2 decades and made the dream of Sachin as reality.
Thank you Dhoni.
We love you a lot, as you have made our hero happy in the year 2012 :)
Short Reply: Don’t compare Lord Shiva with Lord Ganesh.
Thanks for reading :)
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