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வியாழன், 20 அக்டோபர், 2016

Why are so many decent people single nowadays?

Dear Readers,
I had shared  an answer for the question " Why are so many decent people single nowadays?". You can read the original answer from the below link.

Yes, What you have asked in the question is 100% correct. You can find many decent people are single for the following reasons
The biggest mistake people do is, assuming the character of a person with appearance. Appearance is something which makes many decent and deserved people to be single.
If you ask someone, whether you need a decent guy(gal) or handsome guy(cute girl). People will prefer the later one rather than the former one.
Seriously technology makes many deserved decent people single nowadays. If you ask a gamer whether you want a girl or game. Gamer will go with game than girl. Facebook, Quora, Whats app etc., are killing the people’s time virtually and not allowing people to connect personally.
Relationship doesn’t workout when everything goes virtual. Technology has made certain people dump without any feel. You can find people with virtual feelings than personal feelings. People know emotions in messengers than in the real life. That’s the biggest reason which makes many deserved people as single.
Almost everything has become materialistic. Materials attract people more than human values. If you speak about human values and ethics, you will be watched like an Alien.
This materialistic ideas are now converted into Branded ideas.
Now, You’re able to get a shoe?
If Yes, then what brand it is?
People respect brand values and human values. Since many are affordable only with human values than brand values, they are single.
(Note: If you’re one among that, then please follow the below image to have a wonderful life. )
Past Tense
If you ask to assemble 100 single in a room, 90 single might have very bad past experience. Out of 90 experienced singles, 50 will get an alarm when they wanted to be in a relationship.
Although past is past, it cannot be forgot.
Below is the quote which I would like to share for those who still live in past.
Out of the first 10 fresh single. 5 will have fear on seeing the 90. 5 will be shy. Altogether, this makes around 50–70% people to remain single.:)
I guess these are the reasons why certain descent people are still single. :)
Note: I will continue writing answer for this question, whenever I feel like sharing :)
Yes, I am still single :) My decency depends upon the person :)

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