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வெள்ளி, 21 அக்டோபர், 2016

Why did communism fail in India?

Dear Readers, 
Read my answer for the question, "Why did communism fail in India?" asked in Quora. You can read the original answer from the below link
Yes communism has Failed in India :)
Let me be very practical and explain why communism has failed in India. Before I start writing the reasons, let me quote an excellent definition for communism from the Tamil movie Kaththi.
“உன் பசி ஆறிய பிறகுள்ள இட்டிலி வேரொருவனுக்கு உரியது!”
Translation: Idly which you eat after your hunger is someone else idly.
Now let me explain why communism failed in India with real time examples and situations.
Failure 1
Communism without conflicts is a wonder. You can expect conflict in whatever they do in India. I could find the biggest conflict with the agitations of communist comrades. Communist comrades will protest for the price hike of household products such as rice, sugar, vegetables, fruits etc against government. They will also protest in favor of farmers (against government) to get good price for their products.
Selling price should be low, Farmers should get good price.!!
Failure 2
Since India is mixed economy, we can find domination of privatization in all the sectors. Education is one such domain. Communist comrades will protest in favor of Teachers for salary increment against the school management. They will also protest against school management for high fees structure.
Failure 3
In Tamil Nadu, government of India built Nuclear power plant at Kootangulam with partnership of Russia. Every political party and the general public protested against the nuclear power plant, as they may have adverse effect during the period of emergency. Almost every party shared their opinion on this issue and few demonstrated strikes in the Kootangulam area. But Communist party of the state was not found in that place.Since it was built with the help of communist Russia, they didn’t involve in any agitation against government.
Nuclear Power Plant built by Russia is Ok, it will not be of if it was built by USA.
Failure 4
Tamil Nadu is facing serious conflict with its neighboring state Kerala on Mullai Periyar Dam. People of Kerala elects Congress Party and Communist Party in an alternative manner to rule the state. Whom ever forms the government in Kerala, the conflict over Mullai Periyar issue remains the same. Communist Party of Tamil Nadu will protest and support Mullai periyar issue, when Congress government is formed in the Kerala and will keep quite if communist government is formed in Kerala.
Is it what communism all about?
Failure 5
JNU at Delhi is one of the prestigious Institution in India. Few months back(2016), few students from the university involved in some anti national activities by conducting some events in favor terrorist who demolished India. Few students yelled anti national slogans during the protest in the university campus which was located in the Nation’s capital. Government took steps against those anti national activities. The biggest tragedy in the event was, students influenced by communism where involved in that incidents and Communist parties in the country supported such events, students. When government took steps against those anti nationals, communist party protested against the government stating that it is against freedom of speech and expression
Does Communism means Anti national?
Failure 6
India follows multiparty system. There are few national parties and regional parties. Two communist party are considered as National Party. 10 years back the number of elected representatives in Lok Shabha(Lower house) was 80+. Now the elected representatives(2014) has reduced to single digit. The main reason for such drastic change is, Communist parties didn’t had any common agenda and they were not clear about the alliance agenda. Especially in Tamil Nadu, communist party faced adverse effect during the past election(s). In TN, Communist party cannot survive without alliance. They were very much interested in forming alliance with the party which offers higher number of seats than considering the ideology of the alliance party and communism ideology. That’s the biggest failure for the party and part had lost the trust from the people.
Failure 7
Atheism. In my perception Atheist are the kind of people who don’t have belief on any religion or God. I know enough Atheist who are against the blind and immoral practices of various religion. Communist comrades project themselves as atheist in the Public. But their definition of Atheism is quite different. These pseudo Atheist will have belief, will support, will favor all the religion and their god except anything related to Hinduism. In India,
Anti Hinduism is Atheism and communism.
Failure 8
Basically communist parties in India are against corporate culture. The biggest failure with such agenda is, Communist party itself changed as corporate party. Comrades from the communist party will fight against corporate in the street and will let his son/daughter to work in the corporate office. In public communist comrades will not consume pepsi, coco cola or any international cool drinks since it from USA(Corporate). But they will let his son/daughter or they themselves will consume inside the house. Communist comrades(Leader) will protest outside the industry in the support of the labors, inside the room leader will accept the agenda of the management. This is the biggest reason why they couldn’t form trade union in the corporate offices and lost its value among the younger generation people. All these things clearly indicates communism is for public and not for them.
Communism in Public, not Personal.
Conflicting right?? I feel these are conflicting. And I feel these are the failure of communism in India.
Looking forward for more comments on this answer, So that I can get more information about this topic.
Thanks for Reading my answer..:)

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