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செவ்வாய், 16 மே, 2017

WannaCry - No Need!

Cyber threat, vulnerabilities, attacks are common, but the scale and impact of these attack shows the real strength of the attack. The recent ransomware attack (WannaCry) and its impact is really huge. Huge in the number of systems affected and huge in trending. Despite affecting huge number system, fact says it was a flop attempt by an untrained hacker. People say that, ransomware didn’t earn much than other attacks. Impact wise it is huge, economically flop.

But this attack is another big lesson, especially for common man. Although the organizations are the major victims, the real victims are the common man. Many desktop users were affected by the Wannacry attack. Before sharing the precaution activities to avoid this in future, let me share what is ransomeware exactly.

“Ransomware are type of malware which will encrypt your data and ask for ransom to decrypt it.”

This malware will encrypt the user data and will demand for some ransom. Data will be decrypted, once the ransom is paid. Although it looks a children’s game, its impact is huge. They play with the core of user, Data. Data is the real gold for a user and organization. One cannot do anything without data. So it essential for everyone to give higher importance to data. Attack on data will create huge impact than anything else. One should be very careful with attacks that are related to data.

So what one should do, to avoid such kind of data attack?

1. Do not download any .exe file from mail attachments.
2.Avoid downloading attachments from unknown sender.
3.Do not use pirated Antivirus software. There are some low cost & good software. Try using that. Nothing wrong in spending few bucks now, to avoid such attacks in future.
4.Always have a physical backup (External Hard disk, Pen Drive) of the file. 
5. Don’t depend upon online cloud storage, as they may also have the chance of getting attacked.
6.Download images, videos from genuine website. Better watch online, than downloading
7. Avoid downloading video or image from porn websites.
8.   Don’t skip virus scan for external hardware
9. Avoid internet connection, while connecting external hardware.
10. Avoid downloading or clicking unwanted links in mail or WhatsApp.

Probably, these points will help someone to avoid data attack to the max. But we need to understand the only state, which will guarantee a system 100% attack free is,


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Praveen Kumar Rajendran
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