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ஞாயிறு, 14 மே, 2017

Need > Reality

Most of us (always) live in a confusion and frustration. Most of the confusion and frustration are unreal. They don't have any meaning or purpose. It is all because of two words, Need & Reality. We always get frustrated with what we need and what we have. Unfortunately we will fail to notice and enjoy with what we have.  

"We always think about what we want, than what we have."

Life will be beautiful, when we start to think about what we have than what we want. This is one of the indirect way of accepting the reality of life. Fighting against the reality is a mistake. We cannot win the reality of the life, without accepting it. Accept the reality of the life, that itself will make you to fight.

  And unfortunately, 

"Need is always greater than Reality"

Yes, that is the truth of the life. This truth will always travel with us. It will travel till the death of a person. When the need is 50 bucks, reality would be 30 bucks. 20 bucks will always remain as a gap till the death. When the reality reaches 50 bucks, the need would be 70 bucks. This chain of need and reality will continue as longs we start to enjoy the reality. 

It is not that, one should not fight for the better reality. One should. Or else, the reality will remain the same. The gap between the reality and the need will get increased. One who doesn't fight the reality, will remain in the same place. The fight on the reality should be genuine. Should be realistic. Should be accepted. It should always maintain the good gap between reality and the need.

Hope my readers will accept the reality and fight for the better reality.

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